Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year friends and family!!! Man, have we had an exciting week! We spent it in New Orleans and Baton Rouge visiting friends and family. I had so much fun seeing all of you that I haven't seen in so long! My kids had a blast too, and now have more toys than kids should. But, thanks for all of the fun gifts. Sullivan is sleeping right now on the floor in my bedroom on his new cars sleeping bag, in his Cars tent, with all of his new cars with him. Aaron got a "claw" game from my Nanny, and he and Sullivan have played it almost nonstop for the past 24 hours. Its hillarious to watch how frustrated they get. Since I posted last, Sophie is an official walker. She walks EVERYWHERE! Look out world! She has learned to play peekaboo, and its hillarious. She started by handing you the blanket to play with her, and now she can put it over her face and pull it down saying "boo" in a tiny baby voice. She sits in front of the mirror playing it with herself. TOOOOO cute! Sullivan wants to play his Leapster nonstop now, and has had so much fun with all of these cool new toys. He got some see in the dark binoculars that are one of his favorite things. He thinks he is so cool walking around seeing everything.

I will have to fill you in more on our trip later, but for now, I thought I would share our biggest lessons learned in 2007.

1) Welcoming a new family member that is only 5 pounds and screams alot is more fun than anyone will ever know. You can not know how much you can love someone who screams all day until you get one of your very own :)

2) Watching a little boy develop into a full blown- boy is more fun than can be described. This year, Sullivan has learned to wrestle and talk like a boy (you know about burps and toots and hineys). While he tends to talk about stuff he shouldn't at the wrong times, its fun to realize he is a full blown boy.
3) It is possible to love someone more every day even after 7 years! I love you Aaron!
4) Our biggest lesson of this year is to love our family and let them know every day. Watching Sophie almost die was more of a wake up call than we can describe. Knowing how fast life can slip through your hands really showed us the value of a life and taught us not to take anyone for granted.
5) Watching a baby learn to smile, laugh, sit, crawl, and now walk is more exciting than any bowl game out there!


Steve Buser said...

Cute pix.
Cute kids.

-- dad