Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mind if I share Some Pictures?

Ok, let me tell you about our trip now that we are home. We spent the first night in Baton Rouge with Aaron's family. Sullivan had so much fun with Gram and Pop, he kept telling me that they are "lovely". He loved playing with cousin Logan, and Sophie loved pinched cousin Wyatt. Can you believe that? She kept pinching the innocent chunky monkey of a 5 month old!

(anyone notice the open flames next to PawPaw's oxygen mask? Probably not a good combo)

Anyway, from there, we went to my grandparents house. It was so nice! My cousin, Toscha (whom I literally grew up with, she is as close of a sister as I have), was there with her two kids. It was SOOOOO crazy, they have grown so much. She has Rebekah, who was the reason Aaron ever wanted kids. Well, the sweet, sassy, always talking three year old that we once admired has now turned into a little lady. I am serious. She is 7 now, and I was so impressed with her. I remember once when she was 4 and incredibly "4". Now it was my turn to have the fun of the "
4" year old! Sullivan ran smack into a drum set, so if you notice any bruises in the pictures, they are from that. Toscha also has a 2 1/2 year old sweety pie Sarah Marie. I had so much fun watching her and listening to her. She has literally blossomed since the last time I saw her. Its so frieky though, because she is IDENTICAL to Toscha, and its odd to see. Its like looking at Toscha as a kid. The funny thing that I have to tell you (don't shoot me Tosh!) is that Toscha has always dressed her children VERY well. They are always perfectly put together in darling smocked dresses that match. Well, Sarah Marie got a princess dress the day of the party, and would not take it off. She looked adorable, but if you see a cute kid in the photos wearing princess clothes over her outfit, that would be Sarah Marie! My other cousins were there too- I got to see Sophie making out with Sara's baby Shyanne- so cute! Sullivan had a blast playing with his cousins Corey and Connor. Kristen (Elizabeth's little one) was super cute. She is a little diva, and was so fun to watch opening all of her princess accessories. Man, what cute kids we all make! WTG ladies (I guess the men had a little to do with this). I loved getting to hang out with all of our family, and especially meeting my newest family member- Jeff. Congrats Elizabeth (she got married last night), I heard you were a GORGEOUS bride! I don't doubt it.

Uncle Charlie (my brother) has quite a sense of humor and brought a cake to the party. It was really funny. And, my Nanny had the best idea ever- she bought everyone shirts with hillarious sayings on them. My PawPaw's had a picture of a squirrel saying "I am so old I forgot where I put my nuts." My mom's said "I am confused, wait maybe I am not." My dad's said "I used to care, now I take a pill for that." Everyone had hillarious sayings, it was perfect!
Then, Dad took the kids and I to the aquarium in New Orleans. It was sooooo nice. I wish I had a whole day without kids to go and read all of the info there. Here is Sullivan touching a REAL shark.