Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Triniwee

This weekend, one of our favorite little friends had her third birthday party. It was quite sad for me because we met Triniwee (as Sullivan has always called her- its really Trinity) when she was 16 months old. Sullivan- for the longest time- called her his "baby friend". I have seen her develop so much, that its crazy. It is hard to remember now how little she was, but to see her turn three was incredible. She is such a cute big girl! Anyway, she wanted a princess party. Her mother, Therese, commented to me a while back that next year they would do a more "boy friendly" theme. I told her that as long as no one told Sullivan that princesses were just for girls, he would never know. So, when he got excited about the princess plates and hat, and posed for this picture, I couldn't help but take it. But, when we got home with the goodie bag (that Therese apologized for 100 times- how it wasn't the cars one she had gotten), I wish I had videod his reaction. "A princess notebook? I LOVE princesses, and I have never had anything princess. Princess snacks- oh my goodness, I love princess snacks." I am so happy that he isn't corrupted yet and can still enjoy things that he likes regardless of what other people tell him.
After the party, the kids were hyped full of sugar, had already been fed, and were ready for some fun, so we went to the new jumping place that opened in town. It was a blast, I

have a feeling we will spend any free time and any free money there. Sophie's favorite word is "jumpy", so you know she had a blast. And, its a good thing Sullivan was wearing a red shirt, it showe us just how red his face actually was. HE had so much fun. He even got brave enough to scale the mountain, and got a black dot with a permanent marker on his hand to prove it (thanks jumpy place- bright idea!).(this is Sophie, and yes, she is as high as she looks, she scaled this all by herself trying to get to the birthday girl, Trinity!)


Steve Buser said...

Another in a long line of climbers, eh?