Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live a Little!

So this morning, Sullivan and I were cuddling on the couch because it was REALLY cold! We didn't turn the heater on last night because you usually have to use the air conditioning around here on Christmas day. So, he asks me if I would get him a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch in a cup. I told him that that probably wasnt' a good idea because he couldn't get the spoon down far enough, the cereal would get soggy, etc. To which he immediately replies:

"Mom, live a little, its only cereal!"
true enough.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The daring and brave

So, Sullivan, errr Indy is very into what he wears lately. It has to be THIS exact indiana jones shirt, THIS exact hat, a khaki pair of pants, and carrying a whip. That way no one would mistake him for being exactly who he is, Indiana Jones. So, yesterday, we were having a play date over here, I was making last minute clean ups, while he ran in flipping out. You see, he realized that he didn't have the satchel that Indiana Jones has, and he was very afraid that someone might mistake him for Sullivan. So, being intuitive, old Mommy pulled a purse out of her closet. I thought he might get upset thinking it was a girl purse, but he was super excited! He couldn't believe I had Indy's satchel up there, and this one was super special because it even had an ark key on it!

On to the motorcycle. This motorcycle is not new. No, my mom bought it when Sullivan was a toddler for a dollar at a garage sale. When I first saw it, it was missing all of its stickers, its tires were so worn, I thought "I would never let my kids ride on that." Well, Sullivan LIVED on the thing at my mom's house, and now it has moved to my house. Sophie has brought the OUTSIDE toy in and claimed it as hers. You are not allowed to walk within five feet of it, or she screams. She rides it (I use the term rides loosely, she can't reach the pedals) around the house for hours at a time. If something gets in her way, she sits there screaming until someone moves it. It would take too much energy to get off of the dang thing and move the obstacle itself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Fall!

Entering the maze.

This is Sullivan cheating, he climbed high so he could see how the maze worked. Then, he led us right into a dead end. The trick apparently didn't work!

I took the kids to a local pumpkin patch today (to sophie, they aren't pumpkins, they are either apples or monkeys depending on her mood). They had a blast. They have a maze with hay setup and ducks and roosters, then they have a huge area to climb all over pumpkins on. I tried my best to get a good picture of them together, but I had not much luck.

Enjoy the pictures.

And, for an extra added bonus, I haven't included videos in forever. Sophie is really talking alot lately, so I thought I'd let you hear. By the way, her best friend is Abby, and instead of please, she says Cheese!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, on Friday, I did something you won't believe. I know I can tell you, but you probably won't believe it. I drove my kids halfway to Beaumont and left them with my dad to take back to Beaumont for the weekend. I haven't ever been away from Sophie that long and didn't know how she would do and was kind of nervous. I got REALLY nervous when I saw cookies on his front seat (if you have ever seen my dad after sugar, you'll know why). But, he assured me they were for the kids, and off they went. Sullivan called to inform me that he was on vacation, which meant that "you get to do whatever you want to do." He apparently convinced his nanny of this because he came back with quite a few new toys and LOTS of new stories. They apaprently ran the kids ragged, because they both had HUGE bags under their eyes and have been sleeping alot since Monday. I was going to get them Sunday, but they weren't ready to come home, and honestly, I was having fun!
You might be wondering what someone does with a break for the first time ever, go see lots of movies, go to lots of non kid friendly stores, etc.? NOPE, they lay around and do NOTHING. I watched ALL of the college football games on my couch. Aaron tried to get me to go to the football game here, but to no avail. Every once in a while I got up and did something around the house. I actually did get alot done, its amazing what you can get done when you don't have small ones running around sabotaging any work you actually accomplish. Aaron and I did manage to go out to eat a few times. We relaxed together on Sunday, watched more football, took long naps, and did stuff around the house you can't do with kids running around (ok, dirty minds, we installed the vent in the bathroom necessatating him going in the attic- not easy with climbers around).
The funny thing is, as wonderful as it was to have a break, I think my parents enjoyed it more! At one point, I wasn't sure I would ever get them back. HONESTLY. They both did great (or so I am told). Sophie was over joyed to have me back though. She has been randomly running up to me and kissing me, and hugging me. At night, she wakes up like 50 times to see if I am there. That little voice in the middle of the night saying "mommy" is so sweet! I missed them tons, but honestly, I am wondering when they can have their next fun weekend :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A busy Day

We had a busy day around here! Sullivan got a dinosaur excavation kit for his birthday (thanks Leslea!) and has been DYING to do it. So, I figured today would be a great day since we were stuck home because our granite was getting installed. Sullivan was so excited the whole time. We read the book about dinosaurs and learned a ton. Then, we got prepared. He had to wear safety goggles, and decided to take off his clothes so they didn't get ruined (my kids will use any excuse to be naked). Sophie even joined the fun for a while. We had to gently tap the rock away to uncover the hidden bones. Sullivan kept telling me to be careful so that I wouldn't "damage" the "remains." The whole time, he was SUPER excited. He kept saying what a great present it was, how fun it was, how exciting, etc. Then, we uncovered the last bone, and he gets really mad and exclaims,
"Great, they got me a DEAD dinosaur."

I am assuming he thought it would be alive once we uncovered all of the bones? Kids!

So, like I was saying, we got our granite installed to finish off our kitchen upgrade today. Aaron still has to attach all of the cabinet hardware, but other than that the kitchen is done! Here are a few pictures. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to take better ones bc we aren't supposed to mess with it for 24 hours.

Here's Sophie relaxing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Sullivan Funny

We were riding in the rental car, and Sullivan proclaimed that he was bored. So, I decided to check him math skills.

"If you have 10 red beans and 4 white beans, which do you have more of?"
"Where are the beans mom?"
"No, you don't really have them, just pretend you do. So, which would you have more of the ten red or the 4 white?"
"Mom, seriously, where are the beans?"
"Nevermind Sullivan, there are no actual beans."
"Oh my gosh, you mean you were just tricking me?"
"No, I wasn't tricking you, I was trying to see if you knew a puzzle question."
"So, now we are doing puzzles in the car, don't you think we could lose the pieces?"
"Ok, never mind Sullivan."
"Mom, I really can't believe you were tricking me like that, I mean here I am looking for the beans everywhere."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ever Want to Quit?

So, in the last 24 hours both of my kids have thrown up multiple times. Sullivan didn't tell me there was frozen stuff on his leg in the grocery basket and basically got frost bite. Sophie busted open her chin and bit off part of her lip. Then, tonight, Sullivan was rough housing with her, and she got a bloody nose. Are you kidding me? I mean, seriously? Wow! enjoy the pictures of the beauty queen. I am sure we won't be entering these in any photo contests, well maybe......

Five year olds know EVERYTHING

"Mom, did you know that five year olds know everything?"
"Really, how?"
"Mom!!! God whispered all the things in my ear!"
"Like what?"
"Ummm, like some snakes are not friendly, some are. Some lizards just aren't you friend and never will be. The sun is yellow in the afternoon."
"Wow, that's alot, but it doesn't sound like EVERYTHING."
"That's because everything else is inside of that stuff."
When it rains it pours around here! Sophie ran into a brick wall Friday night and scabbed up her chin really bad. It bled for a long time, and now everywhere I go, people point it out as if I don't know its there. Then, this morning, she walked off the couch, and bit a part of her lip off and rebroke the scab on her chin. LOTS of blood. LOTS of crying. LOTS of misery. She is sleeping now, and hopefully will be feeling better.
My parents moved back to Beaumont this past weekend, so we headed down to help. We came back, put my car in the shop, and got a rental car. Apparentely Chevrolet Cobalts have some problem, and we had to wait around all night for it to be towed because it died in my driveway. So, we are on rental car number two.
We have a ton going on around here, so I'll have to update you a little at a time!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Birthday Party

So, this year Sullivan wanted an "Indiana Jones Lego Adventures" party. You couldn't leave any of that phrase off either! He wanted to have it at home, but luckily I convinced him to have it at McDonalds. I tried and tried, but finally convinced him by telling him how much his friends would love it. He had a blast! He wanted me to make the cake, even though I tried to tell him that Sam's makes all of our cakes. But, we had been to a birthday party where his friends' mom had made a rocket cake, so HIS mom had to make his cake too. I thought it turned out horrible, but when we got there, the kids all though it was pretty cool. Sullivan said it was the most beautiful cake he had ever seen, which is all that really matters right?

The kids all played, ran around McDonalds, and had a blast. At one point we lost Sullivan and his friend Samantha, only to find them playing video games in Blockbuster!!! Luckily, they were fine. They all got to eat Happy Meals, and eat cake and ice cream. They got lots of McDonalds' goodies. We practiced with Sullivan before because we were worried about his age and opening presents. I have been to parties where the kids said things like "I didn't want that". We told Sullivan that no matter what he got, he would say thank you, and say "I love it!" He wouldn't go alond with the love it part! But, we shouldn't have practiced, because he was so genuinely happy that after each present, he would find the friend, give them a BIG hug, and tell them thanks.

It was really cute.

On the way home, he told us "This was the best birthday party ever, and all of those gifts were just lovely. I sure have great friends!" I can't believe he is five, but he definitely celebrated in style!