Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Old Santa

Well, Santa came to our house. It was pretty surprising given Sullivan's nice, nasty four year old attitude lately. There were days when I honestly thought Santa might skip our house altogether! Sullivan had so much fun though. We went to look at Christmas lights, then came home, got the cookies (Chips a hoy, per Sullivan's instructions, 5 of them) and a mug of milk, then went and threw crackers and dog food on the roof for the reindeer. When Sullivan woke up in the morning, he was so mad that "Bad Old Santa" would leave snow all over my floor again this year after I had asked him not to. But, he got over it real fast when he saw all of the presents. His favorite thing was his Leapster, an educational video game system for kids. He LOVES it, and will play it as long as we let him (honestly). He also got the movie Underdog, which he has probably watched 10 times since we opened it. He runs around saying that he is "thunder dog to the rescue- here to save the day." Sophie loved this zoo circus train thing that she got. Aaron and I got a Wii, and have played it NONSTOP! It is so fun, and so addicting. Probably the best gift that we have gotten this year though, has been Aaron having 6 days off in a row. Its the longest we have had him in forever, and we have just enjoyed hanging out doing nothing. It's been so nice. He works so much ,that we never get to relax with him. We have been going for walks in the new red wagon that Santa left to the park, and having fun. Sophie is walking all over the place, she is still a much faster crawler, and will get down to crawl if she has a long distance or a fast place to go. Its really funny to watch her wobbly legs take steps. Her new favorite word is "see". She picks something up, shows it to you, and says "see." (over and over and over). That's about it for this update, I hope your Christmas has been as wonderful as ours. I can't believe its over already, but I guess we have to get back to real life sooner or later :)


Brandy said...

Welcome to the Wii family! :) Aren't they so fun? Where did you manage to get one from? We got some new games for Christmas and have gotten re-addicted!
PS - Love the snow!