Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Update of Epic Proportions

What? Why do you want to take my picture when I am trying to have fun here?
I had a funnel in my car from moving, you would not believe how much fun a funnel is at a splashpad.

Sullivan at the bottom of a waterslide.

Sophie took her turn at breaking the pinata. Doesn't she look cute in a blindfold?

My parents came to town and took the kids to spend the night in a hotel. In the process, they took them to the store and let them buy anything they wanted. Sophie got a monkey to hang around her neck. It has hung there for over a week.

Uncle Charlie gave Sullivan five bucks when he saw the ice cream truck. Sophie looked like this after enjoying an ice cream sandwich in the sun.

This is how you cool off in the summer! Notice how big Sophie is, she looks like a kid now!

Hooray! I am not sure what he is cheering for, but he is excited!

We had a pinata at a going away party. Sullivan didn't break it, but he looked really cute in the blindfold.

Sophie found some stuffed animals and thought she had to carry them everywhere at the party even though they were twice her size.

Now this is gonna be fun!!!

Not sure if she wants to get wet, but about ten minutes later, we couldn't get her to leave!

Nanny let them make and decorate their own cupcakes. Sophie found them and ate the icing off of about six before we realized what she was up to.

Well, apparently being a working mom is WAY more WORK than I thought. I am definitely adjusting. The thing is, school is now out, I am home again, but living around friends and family keeps us very busy. I am trying to steadily unpack, and follow the lead of my ever growing children. In my organizationally challenged world, I have yet to unpack the camera cord. I know that technically I have lived here long enough to be unpacked, but we have aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, and every kind of grandparent a kid could want living very close now- we stay VERY busy. Or, I should say, my children stay busy. They get taken out to eat by aunts and uncles, out to movies by grandparents, and invited to lots of parties to which we must drive. I'll fill you in more about our new lives in Baton Rouge soon, but for now, I'll share some pictures my dad has captured of the kids lately so that you can have prove that they are alive and still growing well. Oh yeah, and they are still really cute!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We've Moved!

Hello all! Its been a long while. We have officially moved to Louisiana! Baton Rouge, to be exact. Alot of things are changing, but all for the good! I have started to teach, and love it. We have
a great babysitter that comes over here and stays with the kids (Sullivan was really worried the first day that she would actually sit on him). Anyway, we are around family and long time friends, and it feels just right! We love watching the kids getting to know their family and cousins and everyone we refer to as our family. Its really great. This weekend we had a crawfish boil to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was my kids' first time at one (Sullivan has been, but before he was old enough to understand). They were both totally grossed out that we were eating the crawfish. Sullivan said "But that looks like dirt on them." I told him there was dirt. He said "Thats disgusting, why would you ever eat that?"

They are good!!!!!

Well, hopefully I'll be able to find the cord to download some pictures off of my camera and prove to you that my children are, in fact, still alive! I can hopefully get some pics of the new house once there aren't boxes everywhere!!!