Friday, March 30, 2007

Size Difference

So, Sullivan doesn't wear clothes around the house. Its no big secret around here. As soon as he enters the house, he strips. Its his talent. He can in no way sleep with anything other than underwear on. Lately, trying to instill independence in him, we have been trying to make him get himself dressed. I was taking a picture that I am trying to do every month with the kids, and got this one. It was only later that I realized, he had put his underwear on inside out!!!

Can you believe the size difference of these two? The gap is growing smaller every month, but it still amazes me that they are only three years apart. I mean, I have grown a little in the past three years, but not this much.

On a side note, my weight loss journey has begun today. I am committed to working out, however small, every day and trying to make healthy food decisions. Seeing Sophie's thighs in those bathing suits scared me into not wanting to look like that this summer!!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bathing Beauty

We did a photo shoot with Sophie in her bathing suits a few nights ago. Can you believe she was in my belly just three months ago!!! I think she is America's Next Top Model! She is so cute!!! She talks to us now, oh the conversations we have!

I am officially a blogger!

Ok, well since I don't get to see all of my friends and family as much as I would like, I decided to keep you all informed about us via blogging.

Life is finally settling into a routine around here (well kinda). Sophie turned three months old on Friday and was 12 pounds 12 ounces!!! She is a porker!!! She loves her big brother! He can make her smile and laugh so quickly. I took a few pics this morning, and this is my favorite. I am blessed with two blue eyed cuties. I can't wait to watch them grow old together!
We've been teaching Sullivan about unconditional love. He likes to tell us "I don't wub you" whenever we tell him something he isn't happy with. So, we are trying to teach him that we love him all of the time. He sure is testing us on that. In the past two days, he has taken apart Sophie's Christmas tree that I got at one of her showers, opening all of the little presents on it, painted my bathroom (cabinets, sink, walls, etc.) with blue kilz paint that I was painting his bunkbeds with, painted the kitchen table and buffet with fingerpaints, and knocked the wet bunkbeds over in the garage. I guess he is really testing out that unconditional love theory.
When I put him in time out, he asked me "Can I get a book since I am gonna be here a while?" Oh that boy!!!!
Well, I will try to update with pictures soon!