Monday, January 14, 2008

Updates and the such

Well, even though it has only been a few days, lots has happened over here! First off, Uncle Charlie ran in the race he had been training for months for! 26 miles! Go you, Uncle Charlie, we are sooooo proud of you! Secondly, I am officially 30. That's right, no more old jokes, I am the senior here! Thirdly, I had a wonderful birthday that I just have to share. I also thought I would share our newest pictures with Miss Sarah. She did us quite well (AGAIN). I LOVE the LSU (or L shoe as Sullivan says) pictures, and am so happy. I will have to scan Sullivan's pictures from his first birthday soon so you can see them- he was in an LSU jersey.

So, onto my birthday. I had a group of friends take me out Thursday night to celebrate. It was the best (and fastest) three hours I have had in a long time. I don't think I have laughed that hard in forever. My cheeks hurt when I came home. Saturday night, Aaron came home and rushed Sullivan out the door quickly. They were gone for a few hours (until midnight when I finally crashed). In the morning, Sullivan came in and sang me happy birthday, and then told me he wasn't allowed to tell me that he had gotten me presents and cards. "You know mom, I can't tell you about the frog, the train, the wagon, and the cement foot. " I was really worried after hearing that list. But, Aaron came in and scooted him out, they got my presents, and I had a blast! Sullivan got me a bag full of things. We take him every year to the dollar store to pick out presents for family members. We love doing this, because he feels accomplished, and its cute to see what he picks out. So, apparenlty, Aaron let him have fun in the dollar section of Target. I got some spatulas (you know for cooking), a football necklace (because I want you to look pretty when you watch football), a stuffed frog (because you needed something to sleep with), a wooden train (and as soon as I opened it, he asked if I would share it with him), and a few other goodies. They also got me the new Mario brothers game that I have been wanting for the Wii. Then, they came in with two HUGE presents. I was kind of nervous. But, Sullivan picked out a frying machine since I told his Daddy last week that he couldn't fy things in my house any more because of the big mess. He picked out the one that had a picture of chicken nuggets AND shrimp because who would want one that can only fry chicken? They made funnel cakes in it! And, they got me a mini crock pot because my last one broke and I haven't been able to make cheese dip since.

Then, all day, Sullivan kept telling me, mom, the party's still on. Anytime I would try to rest, he would remind me that it was a party. For my birthday dinner, Sullivan thought I would love to go to CiCi's pizza. I was very disappointed that the Cowboys lost, but hey, you can't have it all right? Anyway, it was a wonderful day. I did just what I wanted to- relaxed with my kiddos and huuby! Perfect!


Therese said...

LOVE the new pics of Sophie. She looks so cute, and the colors in the photos are so vibrant!!!!!

Steve Buser said...

seems like Sullivan comes from a family of shoppers. He must have been observing mom at work (shopping)

The Mama said...

Aw, I love the pics! You were right, she always does great work. Even when the subject isn't so cooperative.