Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A change in the home

So, sadly, we must find new homes for our pets. Our children are staying ridiculously sick, and now Aaron's asthma is being greatly affected by the cats. We are taking this very hard, as you can imagine, they are part of our family. Sullivan is devastated, and I am not sure if he will ever let Sampson go. Please let me know if you know of anyone looking for wonderful animal additions to their families.

This is Noah- I have had him since college! He is 7 years old, declawed in the front, and an indoor only cat. He is an excellent cuddler, carries on conversations with you, and comes on command- just like a puppy.

This is Grace (the cat, the others are Sampson and Delilah, our dogs). She is declawed in all four paws because she is such a cuddler to Sullivan. She has been seen riding in his shopping cart, wearing dress up clothes, all the while purring away. She loves children and tolerates the not so gentle pets from Sophie. She is super soft and silky, the perfect kitty for a kiddo.

Well, pictures aren't working, but I will add them soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am tired

So, it has finally hit me. I have been taking care of sickos for going on two months. I am not really sure why we can't shake this whole sick thing, but this whole- "mommy is on duty 24 hours a day and never gets a break" has finally broken me. I have put up with alot. People kept asking me how I kept it together in the hospital, then to come home and deal with pneumonia, two rounds of strep for Sully and one round for me. Then, Aaron gets sick- real sick- like to where he can do NOTHING when he is home, and then Sophie gets this ear infection that she can't break. Supposedly she is fine now, yeah right, fine. That's what you say because you don't have to wake up with her every 45 minutes. She supposedly has the "behavior" of a sick baby and isn't sick. Well, now that she thinks I am her human pacifier and nothing else calms her when she is mad, I am pretty much out of luck. So today, when Sullivan whined and cried all day about his throat hurting, but refused to take motrin because it would hurt to swallow, I pretty much lost it. I mean, I love them, all of them - Aaron, Sullivan, and Sophie. (Its debatable at times whether I love the circus of animals that calls my home theirs, but that's anotehr discussion for another time and place). So, while being SUPER whiny (on ANOTHER gorgeus day that I missed while stuck in my house), Sullivan also looked horrendous because his pink eye is just not responding that well to the antibiotics. It has flared up, and he is all goopy. so, even though we have already spent $125 on office visit copays THIS week, I am assuming, we will be back tomorrow. I can't imagine living a normal life at this point anymore. I am so ready to have well kids!!! Ok, ok, I know you have heard enough. Sorry.

Sometimes, when I think I am at my bottom and can not possibly take anymore, God gives me a little wink- just to remind me that punishment doesn't last forever I suppose. Tonight, I decided to shower the kids to make bath time go more quickly. I forgot that I needed to wear a swimsuit (so as to cover myself from Sophie, sorry if this is TMI). She couldn't stand it. I kept saying, Sophie you don't need milk right now! Leave me alone!!! Sullivan kind of got upset. He said, "Mama, she just wants some milk because she loves milk, and if you won't give her any, then I will."

"Be my guest Sullivan, I would love to see that!"

"Fine, then, I will give her milk from my boobies."

"Sully, boy's boobies don't have milk. Only mommies (who are girls) have milk right after they have a baby."

"Well mom, God made Sophie just for me, and she is my baby, so I must have milk for her."

I know it sounds insane, but the child is in love with his sister. To think that he has been sitting around thinking that God made her just for him for the last 10 months blows me away. I am so glad that they get along so well (please don't jinx me, I know that siblings eventually fight), and it brings joy to my soul to watch them love each other. He is so patient and loving towards her, that sometimes I wonder if he would make a better mommy :) And, if that doesn't make you smile, then surely watching a baby crack up at her mother's insanely HUGE talent show should ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is Sullivan's artistic replica of God done in colorful chalk. He says that God has lots of noses, and that's what the dots are.

So, apparently, God has been having lots of fun up there toying with our family! We have had the health of I don't know what lately. Aaron has gone back to the doctor twice, but finally seems to be getting better after having a scope done and finding a sinus infection. He is now on good antibiotics. Sophie never got over her ear infection, and went back Monday for a painful shot (she screamed for an hour and a half afterwards). She seems to be getting better, but is far from sleeping well. Sullivan woke up Monday with pink eye, and today with strep throat. I mean, come on God!!!! Anyway, besides that, we are totally enjoying fall weather. Sophie took her first three steps last week, and is getting better and better every day. I kind of scared her when I saw her walking because I had no idea she could, and she fell. She was kind of reluctant to try again, but she is WAY too interested in what Sullivan is doing, so she is at it again. Sullivan went to the fire station with school. For his overpriced education, he learned two very important lessons:

1) Fire is hot and will burn you if you touch it.

2) Smoke can make you cough.

Wow! What a valuable lesson!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

What a Day!!!!

First, let me say that we have big news in the Creasy household. No, I haven't drank the water that apparently gets you pregnant in this town (I have 12 pregnant friends, TWELVE). Sophie took three steps yesterday, and I am pretty sure she will be a walker in the next couple of days. Now, on to the news of the day. Sullivan had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch this morning. He had so much fun! Sophie was SOOOOO tired, as it was during her morning nap, but she refused to not be a four year old. She followed them, and would not sleep. That's why she isn't smiling in any of the pictures. She was so serious, but having serious fun. They had a "hay maze" and a huge area with about 300 pumpkins for all of the kids to climb on. But, Sullivan's favorite part was the 600 pound pumpkin that they have there- the biggest in Texas. He keeps telling everyone that he saw the "hugest" pumpkin ever. My dad asked him if it was bigger than his mom, and he replied, very matter of factly, "Its bigger than the whole world!!!"
Sophie finally crashed in the middle of eating a cracker!

Then, we went to Houston to play with some of Sullivan's oldest friends Carli and Caden. Then, the kiddos crashed all the way home. Now, Sullivan is at Parent's Night Out at gymnastics while Daddy, Sophie and I try to relax. Wow! This has been quite a day, I need to go to bed!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Sick

Sullivan : "Firemen DON'T smile."
Sophie: "What did you say? Are you serious Sullivan, come on."

ARRRGGGHHHHHH :) That's what I want to say!!! That's it, nothing more, well maybe a bit. We have once again apparently angered God, and He decided to show us! Sophie got her first ear infection, and apparently it was bad- it took three WHOLE days for the antibiotic to make much of a difference. So, as I type this, I have gotten no more than a thirty minute stretch of sleep since Thursday. Perhaps I should go sleep at Gini's house (a great friend who has newborn twins AND a 12 month old- all boys none the less). It can't be any worse over there!!! Anyway, amongst the fun, Sophie has decided that she is not a baby! She can take two steps to get where she wants (couch to coffee table, bed to pulling brother's hair), and she now says "NO NO NO". The girl has some personality, let me tell you!
Through all of the screaming, crying, pain, and fever with her, Aaron managed to get himself really sick. It has aggravated his asthma horribly, and I have never been so scared in my life. He has had 4 major asthma attacks this weekend, and nothing is worse to watch. So, Sunday morning, we went to urgent care for him. Sullivan, being the big, brave boy that he is, decided he HAD to go with his daddy so that he would not be scared. An idea of how the doctor's visit went: (keep in mind that Sullivan has asthma and has had his share of "treatment" for it)
Mr. Creasy, come on back.
"Oh Dad, I need to come, seriously."
"So, sir, tell me what the problem is."
"He's bad sick, I mean BAD. But, I don't want him to have to get a shot."
Triage happens, then doctor enters the room. Sullivan puts down the National Geographic magazine that he is reading, andclimbs onto the table with his daddy. "Excuse me, Mr. Dr sir?"
"Don't give my daddy any shots ok, cause they hurt!"
"Well, I won't unless the nurse twists my arm."
He gets out an oxygen pulse finger thing that measures your oxygen with that red laser on the finger. Sullivan: "Oh man, this is gonna be bad Dad. I have had this before and it HURTS!"
Aaron: "Ok, Sullivan, it shouldn't be so bad."
"No really Daddy, it is, you better just hold my hand and squeeze because its gonna be BAD."
(Doctor now rolling on the floor along with the nurse, and not in a bad way you dirty people!)
Doctor: "Alright, well we are gonna have to do a breathing treatment before we can go on."
Sullivan: Moaning, gasping, deep sighs, "Oh no, the treatment. This is NOT good Dad. This is where they stick a needle right in your chest. Its gonna be really really bad."
Aaron now keeling over bc of the laughter causing him to cough, putting him in an asthma attack. "Sullivan, maybe you should wait outside with your mommy!"
Anyway, then, we have to go back yesterday, and of course, Sullivan insists on going in. He held Aaron's hand while he got a few shots :) We are ALL much better now!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Storyland in New Orleans

So, we drove all the way to New Orleans to see my PawPaw. He hasn't been doing very well, and it was one of his last things to find peace to be able to hold Sophie. More on that in another post, but for now, a fun post.
We had some fun times in the good old New Orleans (is that the Big Easy?). Anyway, we went to City Park, rode the street car (which Sullivan calls the street car train), and went to this fun park themed after stories. Sullivan had a blast. It took him a little while to really get his imagination going, but once he did, he had a blast. It was so funny, he was playing, having fun, then we got to the Grandma's house from little red riding hood. He walked up to the front door and must have jumped a mile high when he saw the big bad wolf dressed as a grandma in there! I just had to share these pictures so you could see how much fun the park is!

I'll take one picture, but I am NOT happy about it!
Cheese! Enough already!
Sophie enjoying the park. Ana- I promised you a shot of the stroller in an exotic location!
Old King Cole's castle! Cool!
Anyone else feeling nervous about him being up so high?
Oh hell no!!!! Did anyone notice that giant whale eating people? When did the fun end and this turn real?
Humpty Dumpty as we were leaving- notice how sweaty he is- a true sign of a boy having fun!

My dad has a few shots of him on his blog. This one is on the streetcar with Nanny :

Here he is on the spaceship in Story Land:

And, here is the fire truck in Story Land:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My tiger

So, I am constantly teased about putting Sophie in A&M paraphanalia. She got her first real LSU clothes- the cutest dress ever, and sported it at an LSU football party Saturday night ( we were checking the A&M score on the commercials!). Here's a few shots of her, and before you ask, yes she does bleed purple and gold!