Saturday, January 5, 2008

Do you ever Wonder?

Sometimes, I get a few seconds (I am not going to be brave enough to say minutes) to sit back and just think. Sometimes, the thinking is worse for me than you would imagine. Sometimes, the thinking is forced upon me. You know, when you are walking through Sam's with a 50 pound bag of dog food, a 40 pound bag of cat food, a 50 pound bag of cat litter, various groceries (of which amount to $240), holding a squirming one year old who doesn't find shopping particularly her "style" quite yet, trying to turn the buggy with these heavy things in it (one of which being a 40 pound 4 year old who CHOOSES to wear a red rain boot and a mickey mouse croc - "yes thank you I do know he is wearing two different shoes- there are worse things in life- right?". Moments like these lead you to wonder with no care about the lack of time. Moments like these lead you to wonder how in the world people have more than two children. Moments like these, wait did my kid just tell the checkout lady that he has a smelly booty? Oh Lord, I have to get back in the game and stop wondering. What did you say? My baby is spilling my coke all over the floor- sorry.

My oh so big Sophie has learned to walk. She has learned to pull her brother's hair. She has learned to cry at the perfect moment as to get him in trouble. She has learned that she can refuse to sit in a buggy or a high chair and that if she cries loud enough, we won't make her because we are too embarrassed. She has learned that she can hold her pee in until right AFTER a diaper change, then soak through the next diaper just in time to be picked up. She has learned that the bows her mother desperately works so hard to coordinate with her outfit, get to sit in the perfect spot in her hair, just don't work for her, and that they are more fun to pull out and eat. She has learned that anything is edible- except peas. She will eat paper, trash, coins, metal, diapers, bread, etc., but hide a pea deep inside of a bowl of anything, she will find that pea and spit it further than you can imagine. Oh yeah, she has learned to spit. And thinking about all of these things she has learned leaves me wondering why in the heck people have 10 kids!?! :)

My oh so handsome Sullivan- who currently has a unicorned size knot in the middle of his forehead that has a nice pooled collection of dried blood inside of it (he just didn't see the large drum set that he walked right into LAST Saturday)- has learned lots of stuff too. He has learned that he has to put up with hair pulling, crying, and whining, and pretend to actually love the puller. He has learned to score a mean 168 at bowling (on the wii). He has learned how to fly an actual airplane (on the wii). He has learned how to drive three different remote control cars. He has learned that if you cry hard enough about something Santa "forgot" to bring you (even though you got more for Christmas than the average class of 20), your mother- who has lost her ability to think, will go to the store and buy a large- taking over of the living room- crashing cars set. Did I say crashing? Yes, they crash, loudly. He has learned to recognize numbers up to 1000. Pretty impressive for someone his size, except when he tells you after seeing his weight on the scale and my weight on the scale that his 40 is bigger than mine. Not quite little buddy, but it makes me feel better to pretend that too!

When I have time to wonder, I wonder how a smile only an inch and a half long can make you cry. I wonder how the hug of a four year old can change your whole demeanor for the day. I wonder how anyone can watch a wobbly baby stand up on her own two feet and take steps, can listen to a child who was not around four years ago sing his version of "Jesus is the Reason for the Season", and can see the sparkle in little eyes when they see that their momma got them something that Santa forgot and got not believe in God. Surely, my kids are not here by accident. Surely, genetics and amoeba could not have come together to paint these wonderful little masterpieces. Wait, I think I am thinking too much, I am almost considering taking my kids to Target with me. Someone please knock some sense into me!