Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sophie has many new words. In fact, every day, it seems she says a new one. Of course, you know she loves to say coke. She now says "here, apple, lemon, down, up, there" and a few others that she has added this week. But, I think the best is her newest word. She has been saying"bobo" alot. We really didn't think much of it as having an association. This morning, she was walking around (Sullivan was at school) with her hands in a where signal saying "Bobo, bobo". We didn't think a whole lot of it. Until, a little while ago. Sullivan walked in the room and she shouted "Bobo!" I am not really sure why its her name for him, but its definitely her bobo. Aaron said, "is that your bobo? Give bobo a kiss." She leaned over and smacked Sullivan right on the lips. How much cuter does it get?

In other news, Sullivan's preschool teacher has been missing the past three days. I asked Sullivan if she was sick, and he said, "No she is marrying her son. She had to marry her son to be a new Miss Weber." Right..............

Sophie has an eye infection. We went to Urgent Care Monday with a fever of 103.8 that just wouldn't budge. They said it was viral. She seemed to get more cranky, and her eye was totally swollen shut this morning when she woke up (it had been swollen and red for almost a week). So, she is on her gadgillioneth round of oral antibiotics. UGGGGGHHHH

In other news, we are cleaning and scrubbing, emptying closets, etc. over here because we are about to sell our house. Or try anyway. We are absolutely in love with this house, but we did our financing kind of funny, and long story short, it will be way cheaper to buy a different house than to refinance. So, it looks like we will be moving AGAIN in August. Of course, we are staying in College Station- hopefully forever. I love it here!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do dreams really come true?

Sophie's newest diaper "sale".

A few minutes ago, Sullivan came running in here and said, "Mom, do dreams really come true? I heard that tv say that dreams come true, is that serious." Not really thinking, I said, "Sure, I guess." I hear him crying loudly about three minutes later, walk in and ask whats wrong. "There are lots of dreams I have that I don't want to come true." Right..............
We had to find new homes for our two cats, and one of our dogs this week. It has been a sad week, really sad. Luckily, we found WONDERFUL homes, but its still very sad. It has been a very long time since I haven't seen a cat lounging on the couch, or heard one begging for water. We are adjusting ok.
Sophie's newest infatuation is "toke." I swear that I hate seeing kids drink coke products. Carbonation and children makes me cringe. Of course, God must have known that when he gave me a little girl that can throw fits that would make an attacking lion flee. She sees you open a coke, and says, "Want duh toke." She says it over and over. When you say no, she preceeds to throw herself down on the floor and scream bloody murder. Because we don't want to be arrested for child abuse, we normally give her a sip if we are out. Well, that only makes the problem worse. She had fever last night, she woke up screaming, she saw a Raising Canes cup at 3 in the morning, and screams over and over," Want duh Toke, want duh Toke." When its three in the morning, you do whatever to make them be quiet. Sadly, giving a baby caffeine doesn't do the trick. They may be silenced initially, but you will be punished with having to watch "The adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" 3 times and not being allowed to sleep. Problem NOT solved.
In other news, Alexis is doing wonderfully. She is off all tubes, and is only on some pain meds that she is having a hard time getting off of. She leaves tomorrow for at least 4 weeks of in patient intense rehab in Nebraska. Please continue praying for COMPLETE healing.
My father in law, Larry, has his sixth round of chemo next week, then a two week break, and will be scanned after that to see what the effect was. Let's pray for NO cancer to be found whatsoever.
So, Sullivan, the brainiac, is VERY into math all of a sudden. He went from not getting it at all, to adding and subtracting all of the time. He will say, "Did you know 2 and 2 are 4?" or "Did you know that 20 and 20 make 40?" I seriously don't know where he gets it. I love math, but really haven't worked with him alot in that area. Anyway, yesterday, we got in the car, and his cup of water was in his cupholder from the day before. He takes a sip, and its apparently hot. He says, "Mom, do you know what one and three and nine make?" Going along with his recent skills, and seriously thinking I was gonna have to call MENSA if he was about to tell me he could add three numers at a time, I say "13?" He says, "No mom, it makes one hundred and thirty nine, and apparently thats how old this water is- 139 years!"
Congrats Brandy on baby Brenna, she is seriously an ADORABLE newborn, you couldn't ask for chunkier thighs!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Hour

Eh, Why are you taking a picture, can't you just leave me alone?


Sophie had her first dental appointment today. She did wonderful, well if you had three straight vodkas and were barely able to walk, then you would say she did wonderfully. But, I didn't so I will just say, she did as expected. She sat in my lap, screamed bloody murder, then gave dirty looks to anyone in the office who dared look in her direction. She has some nasty teeth. I am not kidding. Two of her teeth are "fused" making it look like one mega tooth (right in front of course). Her molars are growing out into her cheeks instead of down, and she has her top right "fang" growing at a 90 degree angle to how it should be. We have to get a rotating toothbrush and start brushing and flossing her teeth in hopes of unfusing the fused tooth. Fun times!
"Happy Hour"

Afterwards, to reward the "good behavior" we went to Sonic for Happy Hour. The kids got the biggest lemonaide you have ever seen for about 10 cents (something close to that). Then, we hit a park. The sign said the playground structure was designed for kids 5-12. Don't let that fool you. Sophie believes she is five I guess. Now, I am not bragging about doing dangerous stuff with my kids, seriously, don't get me wrong. I thought Sophie would just run around. But, oh no, she is all female, and she had to show Sullivan up. Sullivan and I layed on the ground looking at clouds, when we took a peek at Sophie scaling a HUGE climbing wall. That was the end of my fun, I was then on "don't let the kid fall mode." Of course, I did a fantastic job, she never fell.
So, what's up with it freezing over night last week, and this week it being 90 degrees? UGGGHHH!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

He's Back.....

So, Aaron (the dad) has been gone to Las Vegas for NINE days. That's right folks- I held down the fort ALONE for NINE DAYS and NINE LONG NIGHTS. And, not only did I hold it down, but here is a list of the things I got accomplished while alone with two kids for 24 hours a day (one of which thinks she needs to climb behind you on everything she can think of and "help"):

1) Painted ENTIRE living room and halls, this amounts to about 600 square feet of living space painted!

2) Hung curtain tiebacks in bedroom, living room, and kitchen (with a drill I might add)

3) Managed to get ALL of the clothes in the entire house washed and put up (which is monumental, bc we haven't put up clothes in about 4 weeks

4) Sewed and hung SUPER cute curtains for the playroom

5) Sewed four new pillows for the couch that matched the

6) recovered three barstools with fabric matching the pillows from 5

7) Fed children all of the days, and managed to eat out only 6 times

8) Got said children dressed and out of the house for at least one fun activity every day

9) Cleaned and reorganized the entire food pantry (long time coming)

10) Made four flower arrangements (and managed to bring both kids to Hobby Lobby, and left with both children alive)

11) Brought Sullivan to a dentist appointment, Sophie to an ENT appointment, and both to the pharmacy (trust me, that's MAJOR)

12) spent an entire day with my BFF running errands and setting up an ambiance on her back patio

13) Dug two huge flower beds and planted LOTS of flowers in the front yard

Ok, so here are the list of things that happened while he was gone that apparently were trying to rain on my parade and not let me finish my list:

1) Sophie had the runs, not a little, but ALOT, many many times each day for the first four days

2) Both children were sick for the first four days, running fever, sore throats, crying ALOT

3) Sophie managed to break six new teeth, four of which are molars

4) Sullivan clogged up my toilet, which apparently needed the industrial touch of Aaron to unclog, so we had to use his for the ENTIRE week

5) One morning (one of the mornings during the "runs" period) I had Sophie in a cloth diaper that was too big, and while she was walking around the house, her "runs" were "running" down her leg, landing on everything in site, this was the day that she apparently decided to explore the entire house.

I am sure I could think of more if you let me.

But, he is back. And, let me say, I have never seen two happier kids than when he walked in the door. It was so wonderful to hear little Sophie eagerly whale "Up Daddy." She made Aaron hold her for a good twenty minutes, and everytime he would try to put her down, she flipped out. Anytime Sullivan would come close, she would stake her territory and scream at him. IT was adorable. I guess you could say we are all happy to have him back. But, he is pretty sick (his fourth double ear infection since August), and has a growth on his right eyeball. He went to urgent care last night and got some EXPENSIVE medicine, so pray this works!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


You know, it dawned on me the other day, that when I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was become a mom. I remember playing with dolls for a little longer than what is "normal". I always played with other people's babies, and enjoyed them sometimes more than kids my own age. I remember being saved in tenth grade, and honestly being scared that Jesus would come back before I would have my children and know what it was like.

What is it like? Well, there are times that you hear a child cry for 45 minutes and have no clue how to help them and just feel like screaming. There are times that you get hit, kicked, punched, head butted, jumped on, and bruised. There are times when you clothes can not soak up another ounce of snot, another round of throwup, and any more "leaks" from the old poopy diaper. There are moments when they whine, fuss, and do everything possible to get on your nerves. And then, there are the moments, the moments that you would pay any amount of money for. The moments that no matter how hard you try, you will never forget. The slobbery open mouth kisses. The random "I love yous". The grabbing of your hand for that comfort needed before conquering a big slide. The hugs you get when they tell you how wonderful of a day you had. The look on a tiny face that tells you that you are the most important person in the whole world. There are moments when you see them explore something new for the first time, and you just don't think life can get any better. I have come to the realization that I was built to be "Mom." Not Vicky. Not Vicky Lynn. Not Vicky Lynn Buser (pronounced Boozer, yeah that's why I decided to scrap the maiden name). I am Mom, and darn proud of it. There are moments that I would trade, and there are moments that I will hold on to for as long as I physically can. I want to remember how they feel, smell, sound, look forever. I want to remember those kisses, looks, touches as long as I can. I would give anything to be this hero, this wonder woman to two tiny beings whom I could not love anymore.

Sullivan now loves me "more than the buildings." How could it get any better?
As I was leaving the other day, I was dressed in a black long skirt. He says "Mom you look beautiful, almost like a princess. But, everyone knows that a princess would never wear black."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Fam

Weekend before last, we got to hang out with the family at Galveston. My kids had a blast! But, the morning before Aaron actually got to go to a birthday party with us. Its extremely rare that he is ever off on the weekends, so the kids loved it. Sophie enjoyed playing in the bubbles with her daddy.

Here is Sullivan playing teeball. Check out his tongue. Everyone knows that you can't concentrate without sticking out your tongue!

Here is PawPaw taking Sophie into the water.

Here is Sullivan romping around with Uncle Shawn.

Notice there are no pictures of me in the water- it was freezing. I am not kidding- my kids were blue and shaking, but would not get out! And, just for your viewing pleasure, here is Sophie last year at this exact time in a bikini! My, how she has grown!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Know the Rules

Alexis' parents have set up a carepage for those interested in her status and what's happening. If you would like the link, please send me an email at

I know the constant prayers are making a HUGE difference, so keep it up prayer warriors!

On a totally different note, Sullivan was coloring his HUGE 2X3 foot Cars mural that he thought Alexis needs for her room. I tried explaining that she was a girly girl, into princesses and butterflies, but he assured me that Sophie loves cars, so Alexis does too. So, back to the coloring. He asked me how to spell "Alexis"- he sounded out "get better". Then he asked me how to spell "love" I obliged, and he said, "Mom, you obviously don't know the rules, that spells lov" (the word he said rhymes with stove). "When you put a silent e at the end of a word, that makes the vowel say its name. Sometimes you need to be careful so you can remember the rules. You need to know the rules so you can read." Ummm................... ok?

On another note, Happy Birthday Aaron! It must feel good to finally be 21! Here's Sullivan last year after he "didn't" get into his daddy's cake. We went shopping yesterday, and Sullivan picked out all the candy his daddy likes, a hotwheels gift bag, a pair of jeans, a Cars game for the computer (that he is "really hoping is for 2 players), a clearanced Wii game (we are talking 50 dollars down to 4, so it MUST be good ;) ) and a few other things. It is so neat to watch him get older and really start thinking about the other person. We got a yellow cake mix and some chocolate icing with sprinkles because apparently Aaron just "adores" sprinkles. We'll see who really adores them!

Monday, April 7, 2008


So, last week after our spinach dip incident, I was frustrated enough. We have an uneventful week after, until Thursday morning when Aaron called me. We were at a playdate at a local funspot called the "Bounce" that has jumping things galore. The news he told me pretty much knocked me off my feet (well he told me to sit down before telling me). A couple that work with him and are pretty much the whole reason we came down here have a baby girl that is a month younger than Sophie. Tiff and I were pregnant together, complained together, watched each other change differently. We went to each other's showers, she griped about how I got to "go" early, and then she managed to "go" early too :) They had a baby girl named Alexis Linn. She is a bright eyed girl that is a copycat of her daddy. Serioulsy, she could not look anymore like him, its almost eery ;). I mean, Tiff did do the majority of the work! She has blond hair that is always in pigtails, and always has a big smile on her face. Sophie "taught" her to stand, and then for months, she wore the fun squeaky shoes holding on to mommy and daddy's fingers while learning to walk. Sophie and Alexis swam together and crawled together, we put them on blankets together at football games because it was amazing to think that we had been pregnant with them at the same time last year.

Anyway, Aaron said, "I have some really bad news- Alexis was at daycare, and they called and said she was on her way to the hospital that she had a major accident." She has suffered major brain injury, no one knows exactly what happened. We do know that she was lifeflighted to the same hospital Sophie went to, and is in a medically induced coma. Her brain is swelling, and at the moment, they are trying to control that the best they can. Its a rollercoaster of a ride for them. So, why am I telling you all this? Because I want everyone I know to pray for a miracle for Little Alexis. I am talking a real miracle. The kind where she wakes up and is the same Alexis we knew, and no one is the wiser that this incident ever happened. Tell your friends to pray for her, and tell them to expect a miracle. God is able to move mountains, surely he can wake up this dear sweet little one and put her back in the same condition she was put to sleep in.

This has been an emotional few days for me, but having known my college room mate's baby Hannah's miracle has made me feel alot better about the miracle I am praying for with Alexis. If you don't know Hannah's story- check it out: It will let you know that the miracle we are expecting is not only possible, but very realistic!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh my Damn

Sorry, but sometimes, there just aren't the perfect expressions available. I went grocery shopping yesterday- please remind me next time NOT to bring my children with me. It was an insane experience. Anyway, this morning, I made some creamy spinach dip for the kids, gave them some carrots, celery and chips to dip into it, and then walked to the bathroom to pee. However long it takes you to pee is how long the above scene happened. Apparently Sullivan decided the dip would be better served as an artistic expression- his sister being the canvas. Although he SWEARS she did it, I tend to not believe it. I will say that the dogs didn't seem to mind at all!

Well, I am off to clean up some filthy children! (Birth control needs to be taken)