Monday, August 27, 2007


In school, they teach you that if two parents have different eyes, the odds are for the dominant eye color to prevail. Aaron has dark brown, I have green. My kids SHOULD have brown eyes. They don't factor in the grandparent factor. Guess we can't really wonder where Sullivan got his blue eyes from huh? This is his "pawpaw" his best friend in the whole world (aside from his nanny). His pawpaw knows everything, unless Nanny says he is wrong. Also, pawpaw has lots of money. Sullivan says, "He always has money- like two quarters, you know, to buy a mall ball." So, if you want to be rich in a three year old's mind, just carry some quarters in your pocket (pennies will suffice just fine too).

A face only a mother could love

Whoever invented that statement, apparently never saw Sophie after a meal. On this particular day, she enjoyed fresh blueberries blended up and mixed with some oatmeal. She doens't really like fruit that much, but she loves fresh stuff! She has two new teeth, bringing her total to four now! I can't believe how big she is getting, and am reminded everyday how fun life is when you are enjoying things for the first time. Everyone is her friend- she is a smiley little creature (until you take her out of view of mommy). She is up on all fours- taking a few "steps" (crawling), and LOVEs to do the army crawl. My grandmother likes to remind my mom that she never crawled, she just rolled everywhere. I can totally see that. Sophie is much more efficient at rolling, and gets everywhere she needs to that way.
Its school time around here. Everyone started back today. Sullivan is begging to go, he has his backpack packed and everything. I am not really sure what to do with him. And, for the best news yet, I have literally been working my butt off at the gym everyday. I have officially lost 30 pounds since I started trying and 63 since the day I had Sophie. That's twice Sullivan's weight!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monsters and sleep

This is Sullivan the Monster Killer and his super hero dog Sampson- notice their capes that let them fly high in the sky without an airplane. Sampson protects him from any crabs that might come out of his tv at night, and Sullivan "Hi yas" any monsters that might come out, killing them in their tracks. What does killing mean Sullivan? "You know he's lucky, lucky means dead, that's what killing means." Got that?

And this is the sleepiest baby we have ever met. Sophie was eating green beans at Fazzolis when she up and fell asleep. Very asleep :) You gotta love babies, if only I could enjoy a nap anywhere and in any position, my life would be so much easier.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello My Name is Sullivan and I am

Addicted to my daddy's homemade beignets. Aaron's new fun thing to do is make home made Cafe Du Monde beignets. They are SUPER yummy, and he takes great pride in making them just right. He made them for my parents a few weekends ago, and they agreed- YUMMY. If you ever want them, stop by. Unfortunately, they aren't fat free, and they aren't clean :)

Anyone notice an age difference here? Sophie honestly does not believe that she is a baby. She plays with all of the big kids, and has no clue that she is not as big as them. She is so funny, carrying on full converstations with them. She so much believes that she is big, that she hates eating baby food now. She insists on chewing her food and bringing it to her mouth with her hands- just like her brother!

And, for her newest trick, she found her bows!!! Luckily she has just enough hair to almost put a clip on bow in, because this is what she does when I put headband bows on her now. And, as if it isn't taunting enough that her mommy wants her to have enormous bows in her hair, and she pulls them out, she insists on SHOWING it to you as if she is proud of herself!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I gave birth to a monster

What? A monster, no, you have two gorgeous children who behave everywhere they go not depending on whether they have had a nap or not. Actually, I think my kiddos are pretty good, and would never refer to them as a monster (if you have heard me refer to either as monsters, please don't comment, I want to keep the "good mother of the year" persona alive on the web if not anywhere else- thanks!). Anyway, Sullivan comes into my room Saturday morning telling me "Mom, I just knew it, I AM an monster." "A monster Sullivan, I don't think you are a monster, I think you are a little boy." Then, he drops his head in a pouting fashion and proclaims, "I AM a monster, and I can prove it."
Now, perhaps you don't know much about me, but I am a scientific, mathematical gal. Never one to go against facts, I HAD to see or hear this proof that my almost four year old had to show that I had not given birth to a human, but rather a mythical creature. So, I indulged, "Show me the proof Sullivan." He leaves my room for a few minutes, and I think he has given up on the idea. He returns with a picture. This picture to be more exact: He says, "See, I always knew it- I am a monster. Do you see my red eyes in this picture, only monsters have red eyes." We proceeded to have a long talk about photography only after I picked myself up off the floor flabergasted that there was no proof out there that he is a monster (none yet anyway).
We also tried a new church yesterday- if you read what happened over Easter at a new church, you will understand why we have to preempt Sullivan with only using "church" words when he is in his new class. I go to pick him up after church, and the girl working in the nursery says, "Man, he is quite a character." Oh Lord, I am thinking. Please don't let him tell about my panties or fighting with my husband, or any of the sort of things you would think are private. "He told us that his birthday is in two weeks and one day, we couldn't believe a child could be so smart." (Well, it is NOT in two weeks and one day, but how could I keep that from her?) "We asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said- An aggie baseball player who marries Lauren." We asked if he was going to go to A&M when he got bigger, and he replied, "No I am going to McDonalds when I get bigger. "

So, now that you have had your dose for the day, can someone please tell me how I trapped a 40 year old in his little body? Here's a fun picture from the Astros game we went to last week.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Well, I will apologize in advance for this being picture heavy, but we had way too many to choose from! We decided on a whim today to go to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco today. It was about an hour and a half drive. On the way there, Sophie decided that having been constipated for three days wasn't working for her, and she would "unclog" herself. I, of course, knew I smelled something, but was too stupid to check before I picked her up to nurse her (yes she is still nursing- imagine the travesty ;) ) Anyway, long story short, synopsis: pooped stained shorts (mine), poop stained dress (hers), pooped stained carseat (the same one that daddy assembled before we left because he had washed it), pooped stained blanket that she had to lay on to be changed, and probably unfortold poop on something that mommy will inevitably grab tomorrow. Anyway, this was, in my opinion, the best zoo I have ever been to- and since its my opinion, then its right. We had so much fun. It was incredibly hot, but us, being experts at this parenting thing now, brought spray mist fans for the kiddos, and packed extra clothes so that in case there was a slashpad, we could let the kids enjoy it. Of course, as expert as we get, I just don't know how to contain the blowout diapers (of which she allowed us to change another once we got home). Ahhh.... the joys of parenting. Perhaps, you are reading this, and it has been many a year since you had an infant in your house, now, you are remembering why!
So, on to the pictures, then a little three year old logic- because just when you think you know everything, Sullivan fills you in on the details.
Let me preempt, for those of you who know me. No, Sophie did not have a bow in her hair. Yes, you probably have seen this outfit before. I know, you are thinking something must be terribly wrong, I must have scarlet fever or something. No, remember she pooped in her first PINK dress, so she had to wear the dress from the diaper bag, and she was sweating way too much under her big huge bow, so I took it off. AAAAAAHHHHHH, sorry! Go on, call the baby fashion police :)
Yes, there is a LARGE black bear, about three inches behind us, but there is glass people!
Those turtles behind us weigh over 350 pounds each!!!! Can you believe it!

This slide goes through the otter exhibit so kids can slide with the otters.
Last night, Sullivan's tummy was REALLY hurting badly. So, not knowing what to do, I put him in the really warm shower, and sat down with him, while we waited for the almighty daddy to come back from CVS with Pepto bismol for kids (which we later found out isn't any different than pepto bismol for adults- except a cute picture on the box, but again, I digress). So, as I was sitting there trying to calm him down from the tummy ache, we had a heartfelt discussion. I learned quite a bit about age. Sullivan tells me, "I just can't really wait to be five mom, because when I am five I can get a scooter. I am gonna get a pink one like Lauren." I try telling him that other colors might be more fun, but he doesn't really care. Then, he proceeds on the topic of age. "But what I really can't wait for is to be 100 years old." I ask why, telling him that when you are 100, if you are lucky enough to be alive, you are probably about to die. He basically insists that I don't know what I am talking about. So, I ask him if he remembers my PawPaw, and tell him that he is 87- remember how old he looks, I ask. " Oh yeah, I guess mom, but I still want to be one hundwed." I ask, how old do you think PawPaw is, son? He says, "ten." (very matter of factly). Adn nanny, I ask (she is closer to 50 and pawpaw is closer to 57), "she's ten like my paw paw." Oh, hmmm... interesting, I say. And how old is your daddy? "Twenty six, mom, like you." Who knew? What a crazy world we live in, where parents can be 16 years YOUNGER than their children, and we strive to be 100. Ahh, the joys of being young and innocent and knowing it all!