Monday, January 21, 2008

Sullivan, the Brave

Sullivan did great today! We ended up just going for the tubes based on past anesthesia experience. We are going to hopefully hold off on the tonsils until he is bigger and can be better controlled with anesthesia. He was SOOOO brave though. We got there at 6 am, he was telling everyone how Dr. Dejong (he says dushawn) was gonna make him hear again. He told us his throat hurt and that he needed to stop by Dr. Tomlin's office on the way. We assured him that as soon as he was done, he would be able to drink and then his throat would feel much better. He was so happy that they were going to fix him- which makes me sad to think how frustrated he must have been. He took a magic ride on the bed down the hall to the OR, got to open the magic doors, and blow the magic balloon (the one that makes you drift softly into LALA land ;) ). They all kept saying what a brave little guy he was. He thanked the doctor when it was all done and kept telling the nurses thank you. He was a perfect little gentleman and did quite well with the anesthesia. He woke up groggy, saying his ears hurt- but they said that he hasn't been able to hear for so long that everything was probably really loud to him. When we were released, we got in the car, and he asked us to take him to McDonalds for hashbrowns. He threw up the minute we pulled in the parking lot. And he threw up again, and again and again. We let him out of his seat to go lay on the back seat and have mommy hold his head and help him make it home. Once we got home, he did better and finally started drinking water. Then, he had a whole day of being able to play with us whatever he wanted. I had no idea you could build so many different geo trax! He is fine now, sleeping in bed. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!


*Kel* said...

That's awesome that Sullivan did so well with the tubes! I'm pretty sure that's next in line with Blayden- poor baby is miserable a lot!

Quick note on the tonsils- Daylon got his out 2 days after he turned 3 and it was like a miracle! His were so big he was choking on his food, he snored and didn't sleep well, etc. And it was SOOOO easy for him! I remember getting my tonsils out when I was 10 and it was horrible, but Daylon was up and playing (and eating everything we gave him) the next day. Seriously, it was a great thing to do so if they reccommend it again, I would say go for it!

((Sorry that was so long! LOL))