Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is Crying Allowed?

If so, I am gonna do it. But, I find while mothering my children, being a wife to Aaron, and keeping up with life in general, there is just no time for me to cry! Sullivan woke up saying his ears were hurting Friday morning. He also said he can't hear anything. His one month checkup was supposed to be Tuesday (the one where the ENT was GONNA tell me I was right, he was wrong, he didn't need tubes, and that antibiotics worked), but LO the ENT was right, he needs tubes. Pretty badly apparently, as he adjusted his schedule to fit Sullivan in first thing tomorrow morning (we have to be there at 6 AM!)! He wants to take out his tonsils as well, as they are HUGE- 80 percent coverage of his throat. I am opposed to the surgery, daddy is pro, so I am not sure what will happen tomorrow morning. Its just so drastic, so painful, and I am the one who has been home for a week already with these sick children! Anyway, pray for us tomorrow morning PLEASE!

So, what else? Oh yeah, our precious, sweet, loving kitty Grace ran away Wednesday. Its pretty heartbreaking not knowing what has happened to her. We miss her dearly, and it doesn't help that its been freezing cold every night this week. We are very sad.

We started cloth diapering two weeks ago. I absolutely love it. I am serious. They have all of these super cute diapers now (see Sophie showing off her pig diaper), and now make these baby legs- the leg warmers in the picture. Its actually alot easier than I thought, a lot cleaner- she stays so healthy and dry, and alot cheaper (well if they didn't make such cute diapers, it would be cheaper!). Anyway, I wish I had started earlier and had done it with Sullivan! If you think I am crazy, search for Fuzzibunz, they are our diaper of choice (well I have a few super cute blueberry diapers as well), and see how easy cloth diapering is today.

And lastly, Friday night, I hosted Bunco for our mom's group at my house. We had so much fun!!! I haven't laughed so hard ever. Maria laughed so hard that she honked. Listen closely in the video, and towards the end, its there- a human honk! We really do love you Maria! Thanks for so much fun ladies!


MoJoMama said...

Oh geez... I'm laughing so hard over hearing myself laugh!!! I muted the TV, and Anthony recognized it from across the living room.

Therese said...

Hahahahahahaha...Friday night was so much fun!

On a serious note though, good luck this morning friend.

Cristi said...

Oh gosh girl, I'm so sorry about all you have going on right now.

Thanks for the video, I miss you guys soooo much! Maria, you look great! Minus the honking :)

Brandy said...

Hilarious! Thanks for posting the video....that was so much fun! :)

Brandy said...

Also, I LOVE the babylegs and diaper pic - did you say you are MAKING the baby legs now?