Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hooter Hider

So, in the four years since Sullivan was a baby, the best baby invention I have found is the Hooter Hider. It is literally what it sounds like- it hides your "hooters" while nursing in public. It has empowered me to nurse in some pretty unusual places. Nice when you have a second child who doesn't want to hide out in the bathroom when you nurse. Here's the website if you are interested in what the company says about them.

Anyway, I have used the same one with Sophie since she was probably 2 weeks old. My friend Tiff, used to joke that pulling the orange patterned hooter hider out of the diaper bag would make her salivate. She knows what its for, trust me. A month or so ago, a friend of Aaron's was over here, and Sophie kept trying to get me to nurse her. She finally crawled over to the coffee table, got the hooter hider, and brought it to me, like "Hello, come on mom, is this what you are waiting for to feed me?" We couldn't believe that an 11 month old could understand what she was doing. Until.......

the other night, Aaron and I were watching the LSU game (yes, we are the national champs, thank you very much!), and Sophie got the Hooter Hider off of the couch and brought it to the fireplace. We didn't know what she was doing until she put it on, then picked up a baby. She never quite figured out how to feed the baby, but her intentions were clear. Is she seriously this grown? She went for her 1 year checkup today, and now she is a big girl. Up until today, every time we go, we have to strip her down for weight on the baby scale, and a thermometer in her heiney. Today, she got to stand on the big kid scale fully clothed, and have her temp taken under her arm! She is an even 20 pounds (not sure how much her clothes and stuff weigh), and 28 inches long. She is the 25th percentile for both. She looks great!

And, as a side note, can I share my baby while being an angel? Don't you love a sleeping baby picture? He will always be my little baby! Even though- today while we were all supposedly sleeping, I hear a wierd noise. It sounded like a cat in the back yard, so I listened again only to realize it was a kid. I was wondering who had their kids home, turned off the tv, and realized it was MY kid in the backyard screaming. I ran out there, to find him butt naked climbing on the OUTSIDE of the playhouse. He was screaming because he had a ladybug on him. Apparently he had to poop, decided he didn't need a nap (or clothes in 50 degree weather), and would play outsided rather than bother me. So, I need to look at this sleeping angel picture to keep my sanity!


Therese said...

That's so sweet about Sophie and your hooter hider! I bid on one on ebay - bebeaulait too! They have the best fabrics.

Also, I'm not sure which new Sullivan story is funnier - the naked one with the ladybug or the peanut butter! Oh MY!!!