Friday, April 20, 2007

Lil' Aggie

And I thought it would be hard to dress her in an aggie outfit, when you look this cute, you can wear anything!!! We just got back from another baseball game. Sullivan wouldn't let me get his picture in his new Aggie jersey, but he was equally as cute. Life is getting back to normal around here as we are getting all well. Sullivan has slept in his bed all week without crawling in ours in the middle of the night. I asked him why he was doing it and he said, "Sampson (our big 70 pound dog whom he sleeps with) told me there were no dinosaurs that could come in my room and he would protect me, so I figured I was ok." Hmmm... why couldn't Sampson tell him that a year ago?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This kid!

Sullivan is constantly asking if the tv is real. He knows it isn't, we tell him probably ten times a day that it is pretend (he is scared of crabs and wants to know if they can come out of the tv). So, finally yesterday, I had answered the question too many times and lost it. I said, "Yes, Sullivan, tvs are real, and if you jump really hard, you can get in there." He replies, "Mom if you think I believe that, you are crazy."

We have been stuck in the house for a week now with different sicknesses. Yesterday, he asked me "Mom am I ever going to be better so I can play with my friends?" I told him we just had to get lots of rest and eat healthy things so we could get better really quickly. He thinks hard, then says, "I guess I will be sick forever because I don't like to sleep and I don't like spinach."

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Ducky

Well, why Sullivan and I seem to be dying in our own miserable sickness, Sophie is enjoying life. She doesn't mind that we like to take steam showers until we feel like passing out, it's an excuse to get all decked out in her duck robe and chill in her bumbo seat :) Oh, she is growing SO SO SO fast!

Birthday Cake

Well, we are all sick as dogs over here- literally. Sullivan had strep throat over the weekend, and now I am pretty sure we have the flu. Yes, we had flu shots, don't get onto me!!! I have no desire to feel this way. I thought I would share two funny stories from this week.

Sullivan and I were eating lunch, and he was asking me about marriage. "Are you married to daddy, is nanny married to paw paw, etc." I told him, when you get older, you find someone you love and you marry them. Then, you can have kids together. He thinks real hard and says, "I know who I am gonna lub and marry when I get old- Warren! I am gonna marry her in two weeks and one day" (His best friend Thomas has a big sister named Lauren who is absolutely smitten by!!!)

Saturday, when we took him to the doctor, I was telling him that he was going to see his friend Brooke's doctor, since ours was out of the office. When we got there, the rather balding doctor put him on the table and started asking him questions. Sullivan stops him and says, "Ummm... Brooke's doctor? Where did all of your hair go?" The doctor replies, "I have lost it along the years." Sullivan says, " Yeah, my mom cut all of my hair off because I wouldn't sit still!"

The picture above is one that I snapped when Sullivan absolutely swore up and down that he had not had any of his Daddy's birthday cake! Monday was Aaron's birthday, and Sullivan and I made him a yellow cake with, can you guess what kind of icing?

Monday, April 9, 2007


Well, Easter was definitely exciting around here!!! We went to Beaumont to see my parents and let Sullivan participate in a huge Easter egg hunt. He had so much fun and couldn't believe that there was actually candy in every egg. He was not about to share his candy though, so every time anyone wanted any, we had to divert his attention while we "stole" it. The Easter bunny brought him lots of fun stuff and even remembered to bring Sophie a few toys and teething rings. It actually snowed a

bit here in College Station! Can you believe it? I bought this Eater outfit last halloween thinking Sophie might be able to have some pictures taken in it. I had no idea it would be freezing and she would need to wear it to stay warm!!!

So, something kind of funny (if its not your kid its funny) happened to us yesterday. We visited a new church for Easter Sunday that Aaron has been wanting to go to. They had a great nursery, and we left both kids. We had them both dressed to the T, totally adorable. Anyway, after church and lunch, we came home to let Sullivan call all of his grandparents to tell them Happy Easter. He is talking to my mom when she asks if he had fun at church. He says "Yeah except when I was in time out." She asks why he was in time out- Aaron and I are looking at each other baffled because his teacher said he was great. Sullivan says "You can't say damnit at church nanny." Oh my!!! No wonder his teacher said he was great, she was worried if we might cuss her out!!! I am not sure if we will ever be brave enough to go back there!

Infant Massage

Sophie and I started taking an infant massage class last Tuesday night. She LOVED every second of it. I wasn't sure how it would go over, but in the middle of the class, this is what she looked like! She zonked out right in the middle. I wasn't able to finish the class because she was so hard asleep!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Texas Bluebonnets

So, in Texas, it's a rite of passage to have your kids' pictures with bluebonnets (the state flower). Apparently my kids didn't get the message!!! Despite some bad attitudes, we got a few good pictures.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Loooooong Day!!!

Well, we had the longest day of our lives yesterday!!!! Sullivan had two birthday parties to go to. One was at an outdoor splashpad. He had so much fun. He had never actually played in the splash pads, he has always been afriad. So, imagine my surprise when we got to the party, and he runs in the water fully clothed!!! It was pretty cold, and he and his best friends kept coming out shivering, but they also kept braving it because of the temptation of fun! I am sure everyone will be sick this week, but luckily most of his friends were there- so they can all be sick together :) In Sullivan's words "I LUB birthday parties dude." So, today was probably his best day ever. After the first birthday party, we went and tried to get he and his buddy to take a nap, all to no avail, so they played for 2 hours before we headed on to the next party. It was an outdoor one in a beautiful backyard. It turned out to be the best weather anyone could ask for. Sullivan was tired to say the least!!!

So then, at around 6:30, I sent Sullivan home with his dad while I went to help a friend with some math for a class she is taking. I got home at 11:30 with Sophie. Sophie was quite unhappy with being drug around all night, so when we got home, she got a shower. To set this up, the shoer is her favorite place in the whole world other than her papasan swing. She was so worn out from the day that she fell asleep in the shower!!! Hopefully our Sunday will be uneventful, although we are planning on going to an Aggie baseball game!!! (And you thought it was boring to be a stay at home mom!)