Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birth Control

Ok, crazy title, but listen up :) Some days, I have hard, long days. They usually start the night before and consist of being woken up about every 30-45 minutes by a little "cuddle bug" whom I don't have the heart to put in a bed in a dark room all by herself. I know you are probably saying that I have brought this on myself, but I don't care, its how I parent. Anyway, then, when I wake up for the day, I feel as if I never went to sleep at all. I drag through the day, usually listening to lots of whining, lots of crying, and change lots of diapers. It is on days like this that I wonder why birth control was ever created. I mean, seriously, send those teens over here that need a birth control pill. Surely, after one day, they will decide that sex just doesn't have the allure that it did the day before, and they can wait. I wonder why I can't capitalize on the market of birth control. Here's a novel idea, you pay me to come to my house to and watch my kids with the idea of not wanting any of your own.

But then, there are days like today, when I am left wondering why birth control was ever invented, but for the opposite reasons. I got a decent night of sleep- did a fair amount of cuddling with one warm little "heating blanket". I was awakened by a big, sloppy, wet kisses, and a babbling baby voice. As I was cuddling her, Sullivan walks in the door with the biggest smile you have ever seen. He covers me in his own version of love- strong hugs, pecking kisses. He tells me he loves me and that he can't wait to play all day with me (Thursdays are "his" days). Then, Aaron and I play with Sullivan, listen to his hillarious stories, his telling us things that we say - "See what will happen if you hit me again", "I would not do that if I were you", "Little Boys who behave this way go straight to time out". They seem much funnier coming out of the mouth of a four year old than they do out of the mouth of an angry mother or father. Then, we eat, get dressed, and set out to find the perfect Christmas tree skirt. Sullivan finds one he "loves" that I do not have the same affection for. He tells the lady standing in the aisle with us to "watch it for us while we look around so that we can be sure no one else gets it". There were only 8 more hanging on the shelf. Anyway, as she is cracking up, and I am as well, I am hit with an overwhelming wonder as to why I decided not to have any more children. They bring me such joy! They bring such humor and love into my life! I wonder why anyone would ever buy birth control to prevent having one of these wonders.

But then I remember that I can't predict what kind of day I will have tomorrow. I realize that it is a good thing that I stopped with two children- that's the number of hands I have, the number of eyes I have, and the number of ears I have. Surely I can keep track of two and hopefull raise them into their adulthoods without losing my sanity. I can right?


The Mama said...

Oh no. We never get to keep our sanity. But, what we get in exchange for it is even better!

I could have written this post. There are days where number 5 seems like the most wonderful thing in the world. And then...there are the 'other' days!