Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Is Over

Sullivan reading the directions on how to give the turkey "shots".

Well, we have the tree up. But, before we move on to Christmas, let me tell you that Sullivan is at the best age ever!!! (I know if you know me well, you know that I say that every day, but seriously). He had SOOOO much fun for Thanksgiving. We stayed home because Aaron had to work at the big game Friday. So, we decided to have a small day here. Sullivan and I cooked all day. He honestly had so much fun. He is so animated in everything that he does and says. Everything looked like it would taste great while we were measuring, stirring, and baking, but all that he would try were the rolls. That's right, we had a huge feast- ham, turkey, broccoli cheese rice, dressing, green bean casserole, and home made rolls. He had four rolls! Sophie on the other hand, ate anything we put in front of her. She LOVED the green beans, and her favorite was the broccoli cheese rice. Well, that was her favorite until she tried pumkin pie with whipped cream. Oh how your second child is different. I don't think Sullivan had

sugar until he was 18 months!Sophie's attempt at feeding herself the whipped cream from the pie. Her new favorite gig is pouring the dog water on the floor and "mopping" with it. She SOOO does not agree that this is against the rules.

She is very talkative lately. She babbles at us constantly, and is really saying or trying to say what we say. She said cat this morning, and LOVES yelling at Sullivan. She is getting really fun. We watched ALOT of football this weekend, and now she can put her hands in the air and say something that resembles "touchdown." The cutest thing she has done lately was last night. Aaron and I were laying in bed, and she was climbing all over us. I had just put on some mint chapstick. She came and gave me a big, wet, sloppy, open mouth kiss. She sat up, kind of tasted her lips, realized something wasn't right, then gave her daddy a big, wet sloppy one. She sat up, like "what the heck?" She leaned over and gave me another, then did her daddy again. She finally just decided something was very wierd. It was so cute to watch her little mind process it. Oh how I love these nasty sloppy kissed! My friend Tiff always asks her "Sophie, do we need to get you and mommy a room?" (Sophie gets VERY into her kissing)