Thursday, November 8, 2007


(If you notice the time of my post, you will realize I am up ridiculously late. Sophie and her daddy have decided to snore in harmony tonight making it hard for me to sleep).

Tonight at Dinner:

Sullivan: "Mom, did God build this house we live in?"
Me: "Well, not really, Ed Froehling built the house and he used lots of workers to help."
S: "No mom, you are wrong."
Me: "Oh really, sorry about that, who built it then Sullivan?"
S: " Well, my teacher said that God made everything, so He had to make this house."
Me "Well, God did make everything. But, He made the men who built the house, He made their minds smart so they could know how and their arms strong so they could build it. He made the trees to be used for wood, so in a way He kind of made it, but the men built it."
S : "No you are definitely wrong mom, my teacher is always right."
Me " Ok, sorry about that Sullivan."

Conversation on the phone with Nanny:

Nanny: "Sullivan, I get to come see you tomorrow, and we can go to the Rennaissance Festival and ride a real Elephant."
Sullivan: "Wait a minute Nanny, I don't ride real elephants. You could fall off and bonk your head and IMMEDIATELY get hurt."
Nanny: "Well I think it will be really fun, and its safe. I will ride it with you."
Sullivan: "I will have to check and see if I have time to do that."


Sullivan: "Mom, can elephants have seatbelts?"
Me: "I don't know what does your teacher say since she is right about everything?"
Sullivan: "Uh hello mom, she didn't say about this, so I need to know."
Me: "I am sure the elephants at the festival will be safe to ride, they probably have a metal chair or something on them to keep you from falling."
Sullivan: "Yeah like a chair would be safer, everyone knows you can fall off a chair."
Me: "Well, we will just check it out when we get there and see what we think."
Sullivan: "Ok I guess."