Friday, November 16, 2007


We are for the most part WELL over here!!! Its so wonderful! (Well everyone would agree to that but Aaron!- the ENT put him on some strong antibiotics and steroids and pain medicine that will hopefully heal him up!). My dad took the picture above of Sullivan trying to be him. He is wearing PawPaw's glasses, and smiling big! He is into having "spiky" hair lately. The spikier the better. He makes us put gel in it and blow dry it so that it "cuts" you if you touch it. Its a big deal for him every morning to ask you to touch his hair and then crack up laughing when you act like it cut you. I am not sure when the trick will get old, but not today :) He is at a very "fun" age. He is learning about the letter K this week, and apparently K likes to kick people which is not kind. But, for some reason, K does not like kites. We haven't figured that one out yet!
And what is Number Two doing lately? Well, lets just say she is a mischeivious little girl. She takes joy into getting Sullivan in trouble. She pulls his hair and laughs, she says "uh oh" as she is pouring out his drinks, and her latest one, she got into his blues clues stamp set. She was EATING it! The child will eat anything. Seriously! She has a huge appetite, and let me tell you, its a lie that a baby's stomach is only as big as their fist. She can fit a whole piece of pizza, two fish sticks, and a bread stick in there! What a little turkey!


Steve Buser said...

I think she's trying to hurry up and get as big as her big brother.

Of course, big brother looks like he is getting as big as paw paw.

-- paw paw.