Thursday, November 22, 2007

God is....

Last night, Sullivan was banished to bed with no movie. It was 9:30, and he wasn't totally tired yet, so he thought of many excuses to get out of bed. After about the tenth time, I went in to sit down and have a talk with him. He told me he was really scared, and that's why he kept getting up. I told him that Sampson (our 70 pound dog) was in there to protect him and that mommy and daddy were in the living room. Nothing will happen. "But, I am still really scared mom." So, I told him that God was always watching and can protect him all of the time if he just asks.
"Ummmm, mom, heaven is very far away, like as far away as nanny's house is, so how can He protect me from there?"
"Well, Sullivan, you can just ask him to come live in your heart, and then he is always with you and can protect you from here." (Ok, this isn't exactly how I wanted to have this talk, but it just kind of happened)
"Mom, everyone knows that God is very big, He makes everything, so He has to be bigger than a house. I don't think He can fit in my stomach."
"Well, Sullivan, its kind of like magic. Its not actually a person, its a spirit, and He comes and lives in your heart if you just ask."
"You said magic wasn't real, it was just pretend. Is a spirit a ghost?"
"Ok Sullivan, let's not talk about this anymore. God is real, and He can protect you. If you get scared, just close your eyes and talk to God, then He will protect you and keep you from being scared."
"Mom, God doesn't talk back, so I can't talk to Him."
"Well, He can always hear you, so just keep talking, and maybe one day you will hear him talk back. I need to go- you need to go to sleep."
"Mom, does God have a key to our house?"
"What are you talking about Sullivan?"
"Does He have a key so He can come in here and protect me and make me safe?"
"He doesn't need a key, He can go anywhere, any time, He is just God, He is amazing."
"Whatever mom, He can't get in without a key, everyone knows that."