Saturday, November 3, 2007

I resign

This is my official resignation letter from being a stay at home mom. I have spent the day taking care of ANOTHER sick child. I feel like I need to run away- far away. Oh wait, where would I go. No replacement willing to take over you say? No one willing to take NO pay for a job involving getting pooped on, thrown up on, and snotted on all in one day? No one willing to be bitten over and over and over, take six warm showers with a baby, fix meals, be a living bottle and pacifier, AND ignore the fact that their head, neck, lymph glands, throat and whole body feel like they are going to explode? Alright, I guess I will stick it out! You guessed it another sick one. Sophie, in the picture above, finally collapsed after her stupid mom finally remembered that I have numbing drops for her ears. Apparently we will be at the pediatrician again tomorrow (WHAT sick on a Sunday you say, you must not remember my children's track record of ONLY getting sick on holidays and weekends). If I sound bitter, its because I am! Sorry, dealing with sick children, husbands, and myself for two and a half months now apparently has worn me thin. I need something in the form of a very stiff drink.
We decided to wean Sophie because I just can't go on anymore, but she got sick today, so weaning had to take a break. I am now wondering if there is any way that a manipulative ten month old can cause herself to get sick so that her mother will stop the weaning process. Hmmm... maybe its a secret coded hidden in the Baby Einstein videos. I always wondered why they were so amusing to kids and so boring to adults. Perhaps I am on to something- secret, hidden codes. Well, normally I would go investigate this claim. But, I am dealing with less sleep than a mother of newborn quadruplets right now (Please read this God: I am NOT asking to be a mother of newborn quadruplets so that you can prove me wrong), and do not have the energy to check out my claim.
My children went to visit Santa Claus today. Boy am I glad they did, the Christmas list I had for Sullivan was all wrong! I am glad I got to listen to him tell Santa about Hungry Hungry Hippo and some racing car set that crashes cars (go figure- both full contact, LOUD, toys that require batteries). He also informed Santa that he has been a very good boy, and he should find his name on the good list. I wonder if lying about being good to Santa counts as a lie- pushing your name down to the bad list? Or, is it such a good con that Santa actually forgets that you have not listened, had many many meltdowns, thrown things at your mother, and screamed quite a bit and actually puts your name on the good list. He told Santa that Sophie wants a Learning Vacuum cleaner so she can learn to clean the house. Yes, you are free to say it, I am in for trouble as he gets older! Well, he is now asking me to look at his hiney to check what a great wiping job he did, so I must go. Enjoy this little clip of Sophie being a rock star! Perhaps she has a career in the dancing profession?


Rebecca said...

(((hugs))) I'm so sorry girl....