Monday, November 12, 2007

In Awe

Sometimes, I forget what an amazing miracle it is to have baby Sophie in my life. I mean, to think that a year ago, I didn't know her, is insane. She has changed us in so many ways, but mainly she brightens each of our days with her contagious joy. She is such a happy baby and really easy. She went with the flow this weekend, just following along, not complaining at all. (If only she would sleep at night, we would have NO complaints). I thought I would share some pictures of her over the last month or so. Its crazy to me that she wore this sleeveless outfit in the middle of November to an outdoor fair!

This is her with my PawPaw. He is such a wonderful man, and I am so glad that we got such a great visit with him. It was a joy to see him delight in her. He just lit up as we surprised him with a visit. He said he now believes in real love that I would travel all that way with my kids. It was so worth every minute. I realize that he is getting old, and is not in the best of health, that's why I appreciated every minute. He still has such a big sense of humor that it cracks me up. And, its hard for me to remember sometimes that he is 87, until he reminds me with his lack of understanding of technology. He still believes that you can not stand in front of a remote control, or its rays will fry your brain. You can NOT go anywhere near a microwave when it is on for fear of the "waves" frying your brain. He does not believe that faxes are real, because seriously, can that stuff just fly around in the air? And, when we went to Disney World and were on the alien attack ride, he honestly believed that they had come to get us. He said "I just knew this would happen before I died."
On a side note, Aaron still has an ear infection. He will be going to an ENT this week. They just won't heal, and he can't hear. Since he works in broadcast, hearing is an integral part of his job. So, please pray that the antibiotics would kill all of the fluid in there and heal him quickly! Thanks!