Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dragons, and Ladybugs, and Mono OH MY!


Sooooo...................... Yesterday was Halloween, and we got one more trick from God. Apparently He really thinks Aaron and I are strong, because He sure seems to be throwing alot our way. Sullivan has been saying his throat hurt since last Wednesday. I took him to the doctor then, because he is prone to strep throat, had him tested, and it was negative. So, she said its a virus, let it run its course. He seemed to get worse on Sunday, saying it hurt really bad, and then throwing up. But, his temperature was around 95.3 the whole time. Monday, he kept saying he was tired, but we all are (night weaning isn't going as planned with Sophie so we aren't getting much sleep in the house). At dinner, he literally could not sit up, he kept saying he had to go to bed. He looked like he was about to pass out. Aaron kept asking if he had taken a nap (yes three hours as usual). Tuesday, he was just as tired all day, but he was crying his throat hurt so bad, I looked, and it had puss pockets all over it. So, I took him in yesterday morning, and he has mono. His spleen is rather large, so we have to protect it. She said he was free to do whatever he felt comfortable doing- that he is only contagious if he kisses someone or lets them drink after him. She also said he could feel sick like this for another week to two weeks and would probably be tired for a few months! This is getting insane! I don't know how much longer I can deal with sick people, at this rate, I should definitely be getting paid from the state a nurse's salary.
In other news, Sophie has started to wave!!! Its the cutest thing ever. She waves backwards (like at herself). She is also doing her first sign- the sign for "gentle"- a rub on the top of her arm. She does it anytime she approaches our dogs. She is giving unsolicited kisses as well. Like, when you pick her up, she opens her mouth wide and starts "making out" with your mouth. Its really sweet. If you are already holding her, she makes smacking noises, like "give me my kiss now." The thing is, she totally denies Aaron everytime he asks for one! Its really funny. She will be kissing all over me, and he will say "Sophie, daddy really wants some of those kisses," and she turns her head away. She should be an intersting teenager!

I will have to upload our halloween pictures later, I keep getting an error every time I try now. Hint hint- Sullivan was a dragon and Sophie was a ladybug.


*Kel* said...

Vicky- I am SOO sorry that Sullivan is so sick! You guys really can't get a break! Please let me know if I can do anything for you, okay?!?

Kerri said...

Your kids look so cute in those costumes! I am sorry that they are sick.... and hope they are better soon.

Rebecca said...

They both look ADORABLE!!