Saturday, December 1, 2007


So, we have had a DVR now for about two months. Apparently I am seriously addicted to it. I love it so much that we had to get one for our bedroom too because I now refuse to watch "live" tv. Last weekend, something happened with our satellite, and I was forced to watch "regular live cable." Oh the travesty. I was devastated. A whole weekend of no rewinding, watching all of the commercials, no pausing when children were jumping on me, screaming, or pooping, just go with the flow, and watch it as it happened. I guess I got used to it, but it stunk! So, it got me thinking how much I would love a DVR for life. Seriously. Wouldn't it be wonderful? Last night, I was putting up clothes in my room, Sullivan was taking a bath in my bathroom, and Sophie was crawling all around. She was having a pretty serious conversation with Sullivan when she started to scream. I look to see her head soaking wet, obviously full of soap, and her hair sticking straight up. "Why did you do that to your sister Sullivan?" "She asked me to make her hair spikey, I had to listen to her, I have to do what she says!" PAUSE. No unpausing until daddy comes home. Record to the hard drive to have proof later.

Wednesday night, Sullivan was at his ballet class (that's right, he takes tap and ballet, and he is still a manly boy who likes playing with superheroes!!!). They had a contest to see who could sing the loudest. The teacher had to call all of the parents in because Sullivan was definitely winning the contest. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. He was so serious, singing, could hardly take breaths, he was turning red. But, he was not gonna let some girl beat him at this contest! PAUSE, wait for daddy to come, record to the hard drive.

The other day, we were playing with best friends Thomas and Lauren, when Sullivan informs Lauren very seriously (she is 7), "Warren, I am gonna marry you."

Lauren: "No Sullivan, I am gonna marry someone in California."
Sullivan (very emotional, almost to tears): "No Warren you ARE going to marry me and we are going to have 100 babies."
Thomas (also 4, and in tears): "Well then who am I going to marwe, I was supposed to marwe Lauren?"
PAUSE, record to the hard drive so we can always remember how wonderful and sweet they really were when they are 15 and we are being called by the principal because a mysterious stink bomb was found in their lockers!
See how nice a DVR would be for life? So, if you are a tech geek, can you get on that for me? Just start designing it. BTW- the pictures above are from our time with Santa, my kids definitely had reactions to him! Well, I must go, Sophie is biting my leg, and unfortunately, I can't rewind to before it hurt!


Rebecca said...

I just LOVE those Santa pictures! Those are fabulous!! Wow!!

The kids look adorable...