Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh my Damn

Sorry, but sometimes, there just aren't the perfect expressions available. I went grocery shopping yesterday- please remind me next time NOT to bring my children with me. It was an insane experience. Anyway, this morning, I made some creamy spinach dip for the kids, gave them some carrots, celery and chips to dip into it, and then walked to the bathroom to pee. However long it takes you to pee is how long the above scene happened. Apparently Sullivan decided the dip would be better served as an artistic expression- his sister being the canvas. Although he SWEARS she did it, I tend to not believe it. I will say that the dogs didn't seem to mind at all!

Well, I am off to clean up some filthy children! (Birth control needs to be taken)


Mandi said...

ha ha...looks good though. Your kiddos are so much fun!!