Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Fam

Weekend before last, we got to hang out with the family at Galveston. My kids had a blast! But, the morning before Aaron actually got to go to a birthday party with us. Its extremely rare that he is ever off on the weekends, so the kids loved it. Sophie enjoyed playing in the bubbles with her daddy.

Here is Sullivan playing teeball. Check out his tongue. Everyone knows that you can't concentrate without sticking out your tongue!

Here is PawPaw taking Sophie into the water.

Here is Sullivan romping around with Uncle Shawn.

Notice there are no pictures of me in the water- it was freezing. I am not kidding- my kids were blue and shaking, but would not get out! And, just for your viewing pleasure, here is Sophie last year at this exact time in a bikini! My, how she has grown!


*Kel* said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! And I LOVE Miss Sophie's bathing suit- too cute!!!

Isn't it amazing how enjoyable bubbles are to kids?!?!

Steve Buser said...

I think he got the stick out your tongue thing from watching Michael Jordan. He used to do that just before a big score