Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Hour

Eh, Why are you taking a picture, can't you just leave me alone?


Sophie had her first dental appointment today. She did wonderful, well if you had three straight vodkas and were barely able to walk, then you would say she did wonderfully. But, I didn't so I will just say, she did as expected. She sat in my lap, screamed bloody murder, then gave dirty looks to anyone in the office who dared look in her direction. She has some nasty teeth. I am not kidding. Two of her teeth are "fused" making it look like one mega tooth (right in front of course). Her molars are growing out into her cheeks instead of down, and she has her top right "fang" growing at a 90 degree angle to how it should be. We have to get a rotating toothbrush and start brushing and flossing her teeth in hopes of unfusing the fused tooth. Fun times!
"Happy Hour"

Afterwards, to reward the "good behavior" we went to Sonic for Happy Hour. The kids got the biggest lemonaide you have ever seen for about 10 cents (something close to that). Then, we hit a park. The sign said the playground structure was designed for kids 5-12. Don't let that fool you. Sophie believes she is five I guess. Now, I am not bragging about doing dangerous stuff with my kids, seriously, don't get me wrong. I thought Sophie would just run around. But, oh no, she is all female, and she had to show Sullivan up. Sullivan and I layed on the ground looking at clouds, when we took a peek at Sophie scaling a HUGE climbing wall. That was the end of my fun, I was then on "don't let the kid fall mode." Of course, I did a fantastic job, she never fell.
So, what's up with it freezing over night last week, and this week it being 90 degrees? UGGGHHH!


Steve Buser said...

I think the climbing thing comes from her mom.