Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sophie has many new words. In fact, every day, it seems she says a new one. Of course, you know she loves to say coke. She now says "here, apple, lemon, down, up, there" and a few others that she has added this week. But, I think the best is her newest word. She has been saying"bobo" alot. We really didn't think much of it as having an association. This morning, she was walking around (Sullivan was at school) with her hands in a where signal saying "Bobo, bobo". We didn't think a whole lot of it. Until, a little while ago. Sullivan walked in the room and she shouted "Bobo!" I am not really sure why its her name for him, but its definitely her bobo. Aaron said, "is that your bobo? Give bobo a kiss." She leaned over and smacked Sullivan right on the lips. How much cuter does it get?

In other news, Sullivan's preschool teacher has been missing the past three days. I asked Sullivan if she was sick, and he said, "No she is marrying her son. She had to marry her son to be a new Miss Weber." Right..............

Sophie has an eye infection. We went to Urgent Care Monday with a fever of 103.8 that just wouldn't budge. They said it was viral. She seemed to get more cranky, and her eye was totally swollen shut this morning when she woke up (it had been swollen and red for almost a week). So, she is on her gadgillioneth round of oral antibiotics. UGGGGGHHHH

In other news, we are cleaning and scrubbing, emptying closets, etc. over here because we are about to sell our house. Or try anyway. We are absolutely in love with this house, but we did our financing kind of funny, and long story short, it will be way cheaper to buy a different house than to refinance. So, it looks like we will be moving AGAIN in August. Of course, we are staying in College Station- hopefully forever. I love it here!