Monday, April 7, 2008


So, last week after our spinach dip incident, I was frustrated enough. We have an uneventful week after, until Thursday morning when Aaron called me. We were at a playdate at a local funspot called the "Bounce" that has jumping things galore. The news he told me pretty much knocked me off my feet (well he told me to sit down before telling me). A couple that work with him and are pretty much the whole reason we came down here have a baby girl that is a month younger than Sophie. Tiff and I were pregnant together, complained together, watched each other change differently. We went to each other's showers, she griped about how I got to "go" early, and then she managed to "go" early too :) They had a baby girl named Alexis Linn. She is a bright eyed girl that is a copycat of her daddy. Serioulsy, she could not look anymore like him, its almost eery ;). I mean, Tiff did do the majority of the work! She has blond hair that is always in pigtails, and always has a big smile on her face. Sophie "taught" her to stand, and then for months, she wore the fun squeaky shoes holding on to mommy and daddy's fingers while learning to walk. Sophie and Alexis swam together and crawled together, we put them on blankets together at football games because it was amazing to think that we had been pregnant with them at the same time last year.

Anyway, Aaron said, "I have some really bad news- Alexis was at daycare, and they called and said she was on her way to the hospital that she had a major accident." She has suffered major brain injury, no one knows exactly what happened. We do know that she was lifeflighted to the same hospital Sophie went to, and is in a medically induced coma. Her brain is swelling, and at the moment, they are trying to control that the best they can. Its a rollercoaster of a ride for them. So, why am I telling you all this? Because I want everyone I know to pray for a miracle for Little Alexis. I am talking a real miracle. The kind where she wakes up and is the same Alexis we knew, and no one is the wiser that this incident ever happened. Tell your friends to pray for her, and tell them to expect a miracle. God is able to move mountains, surely he can wake up this dear sweet little one and put her back in the same condition she was put to sleep in.

This has been an emotional few days for me, but having known my college room mate's baby Hannah's miracle has made me feel alot better about the miracle I am praying for with Alexis. If you don't know Hannah's story- check it out: It will let you know that the miracle we are expecting is not only possible, but very realistic!


babbfamily said...

We are praying for Alexis, please keep us posted.

Thibodeaux said...

Any news today?

Rebecca said...

Still praying!!...We know that God is good!!

*Kel* said...

oh man! I'll be keeping Alexis and her family (and you guys) in my thoughts and prayers.