Saturday, April 19, 2008

He's Back.....

So, Aaron (the dad) has been gone to Las Vegas for NINE days. That's right folks- I held down the fort ALONE for NINE DAYS and NINE LONG NIGHTS. And, not only did I hold it down, but here is a list of the things I got accomplished while alone with two kids for 24 hours a day (one of which thinks she needs to climb behind you on everything she can think of and "help"):

1) Painted ENTIRE living room and halls, this amounts to about 600 square feet of living space painted!

2) Hung curtain tiebacks in bedroom, living room, and kitchen (with a drill I might add)

3) Managed to get ALL of the clothes in the entire house washed and put up (which is monumental, bc we haven't put up clothes in about 4 weeks

4) Sewed and hung SUPER cute curtains for the playroom

5) Sewed four new pillows for the couch that matched the

6) recovered three barstools with fabric matching the pillows from 5

7) Fed children all of the days, and managed to eat out only 6 times

8) Got said children dressed and out of the house for at least one fun activity every day

9) Cleaned and reorganized the entire food pantry (long time coming)

10) Made four flower arrangements (and managed to bring both kids to Hobby Lobby, and left with both children alive)

11) Brought Sullivan to a dentist appointment, Sophie to an ENT appointment, and both to the pharmacy (trust me, that's MAJOR)

12) spent an entire day with my BFF running errands and setting up an ambiance on her back patio

13) Dug two huge flower beds and planted LOTS of flowers in the front yard

Ok, so here are the list of things that happened while he was gone that apparently were trying to rain on my parade and not let me finish my list:

1) Sophie had the runs, not a little, but ALOT, many many times each day for the first four days

2) Both children were sick for the first four days, running fever, sore throats, crying ALOT

3) Sophie managed to break six new teeth, four of which are molars

4) Sullivan clogged up my toilet, which apparently needed the industrial touch of Aaron to unclog, so we had to use his for the ENTIRE week

5) One morning (one of the mornings during the "runs" period) I had Sophie in a cloth diaper that was too big, and while she was walking around the house, her "runs" were "running" down her leg, landing on everything in site, this was the day that she apparently decided to explore the entire house.

I am sure I could think of more if you let me.

But, he is back. And, let me say, I have never seen two happier kids than when he walked in the door. It was so wonderful to hear little Sophie eagerly whale "Up Daddy." She made Aaron hold her for a good twenty minutes, and everytime he would try to put her down, she flipped out. Anytime Sullivan would come close, she would stake her territory and scream at him. IT was adorable. I guess you could say we are all happy to have him back. But, he is pretty sick (his fourth double ear infection since August), and has a growth on his right eyeball. He went to urgent care last night and got some EXPENSIVE medicine, so pray this works!


Therese said...

You're my hero!!! Seriously, you rock girl!

But don't ever tell Andy about your superhuman powers, because he will start to have some expectations when he goes out of town! LOL

Rebecca said...

Now that is just adorable....

How in the WORLD did you manage to get all of that done??? WOW

Ana said... are making us look bad!!

Seriously, I second Therese, you are my hero too!

hey..did you notice that "hero" has "her" in it..NOT "him".... I guess we know why now!