Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do dreams really come true?

Sophie's newest diaper "sale".

A few minutes ago, Sullivan came running in here and said, "Mom, do dreams really come true? I heard that tv say that dreams come true, is that serious." Not really thinking, I said, "Sure, I guess." I hear him crying loudly about three minutes later, walk in and ask whats wrong. "There are lots of dreams I have that I don't want to come true." Right..............
We had to find new homes for our two cats, and one of our dogs this week. It has been a sad week, really sad. Luckily, we found WONDERFUL homes, but its still very sad. It has been a very long time since I haven't seen a cat lounging on the couch, or heard one begging for water. We are adjusting ok.
Sophie's newest infatuation is "toke." I swear that I hate seeing kids drink coke products. Carbonation and children makes me cringe. Of course, God must have known that when he gave me a little girl that can throw fits that would make an attacking lion flee. She sees you open a coke, and says, "Want duh toke." She says it over and over. When you say no, she preceeds to throw herself down on the floor and scream bloody murder. Because we don't want to be arrested for child abuse, we normally give her a sip if we are out. Well, that only makes the problem worse. She had fever last night, she woke up screaming, she saw a Raising Canes cup at 3 in the morning, and screams over and over," Want duh Toke, want duh Toke." When its three in the morning, you do whatever to make them be quiet. Sadly, giving a baby caffeine doesn't do the trick. They may be silenced initially, but you will be punished with having to watch "The adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" 3 times and not being allowed to sleep. Problem NOT solved.
In other news, Alexis is doing wonderfully. She is off all tubes, and is only on some pain meds that she is having a hard time getting off of. She leaves tomorrow for at least 4 weeks of in patient intense rehab in Nebraska. Please continue praying for COMPLETE healing.
My father in law, Larry, has his sixth round of chemo next week, then a two week break, and will be scanned after that to see what the effect was. Let's pray for NO cancer to be found whatsoever.
So, Sullivan, the brainiac, is VERY into math all of a sudden. He went from not getting it at all, to adding and subtracting all of the time. He will say, "Did you know 2 and 2 are 4?" or "Did you know that 20 and 20 make 40?" I seriously don't know where he gets it. I love math, but really haven't worked with him alot in that area. Anyway, yesterday, we got in the car, and his cup of water was in his cupholder from the day before. He takes a sip, and its apparently hot. He says, "Mom, do you know what one and three and nine make?" Going along with his recent skills, and seriously thinking I was gonna have to call MENSA if he was about to tell me he could add three numers at a time, I say "13?" He says, "No mom, it makes one hundred and thirty nine, and apparently thats how old this water is- 139 years!"
Congrats Brandy on baby Brenna, she is seriously an ADORABLE newborn, you couldn't ask for chunkier thighs!