Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Know the Rules

Alexis' parents have set up a carepage for those interested in her status and what's happening. If you would like the link, please send me an email at

I know the constant prayers are making a HUGE difference, so keep it up prayer warriors!

On a totally different note, Sullivan was coloring his HUGE 2X3 foot Cars mural that he thought Alexis needs for her room. I tried explaining that she was a girly girl, into princesses and butterflies, but he assured me that Sophie loves cars, so Alexis does too. So, back to the coloring. He asked me how to spell "Alexis"- he sounded out "get better". Then he asked me how to spell "love" I obliged, and he said, "Mom, you obviously don't know the rules, that spells lov" (the word he said rhymes with stove). "When you put a silent e at the end of a word, that makes the vowel say its name. Sometimes you need to be careful so you can remember the rules. You need to know the rules so you can read." Ummm................... ok?

On another note, Happy Birthday Aaron! It must feel good to finally be 21! Here's Sullivan last year after he "didn't" get into his daddy's cake. We went shopping yesterday, and Sullivan picked out all the candy his daddy likes, a hotwheels gift bag, a pair of jeans, a Cars game for the computer (that he is "really hoping is for 2 players), a clearanced Wii game (we are talking 50 dollars down to 4, so it MUST be good ;) ) and a few other things. It is so neat to watch him get older and really start thinking about the other person. We got a yellow cake mix and some chocolate icing with sprinkles because apparently Aaron just "adores" sprinkles. We'll see who really adores them!