Monday, September 10, 2007

Spoiled rotten

Ok, seriously, I am wondering if there is some secret video that circulates among those who are about to become grandparents teaching them how to make a child totally rotten before handing them back to their parents? If there is, please help me find it so that I can make an antecdote vidoe to counteract its harms. Sullivan was kind of tossed around last week- he was a healthy boy, so honestly, we were just happy he was breathing. We didn't pay much attention to the fact that my mom told me about a hundred times, "what are yall gonna do with him when we are gone? We are spoiling him rotten."

I don't know what we are gonna do with him mom! At Walmart, he just "had" to have something new. Now don't forget that when getting a loaf of bread he got a "new" scooter two days before. Or, that when getting laundry detergent, he came home with a new race car set that now spans the size of my kitchen table and makes more noise than any toy should. Oh no, he needed something new, because apparently grandparents buy their grandchildren something new everytime they go to the store. It will take us a while to "refresh" him on how to act like a normal, human, child, but we will manage to get it done.

So, two Sullivan funnies because after all of the seriousness of this week, everyone needs a little funny Sullivan story.

- This morning, Aaron told him that he was gonna take him to school since Sophie can't be around people. (please don't call the child abuse hotline - I swear I am a good parent) So, Sullivan looks at Aaron and says, "No, you can't take me to school." Surprised, Aaron asks, "Why not?" Very logically, he responds, "Because mommy will say Damnit Aaron you have to have a carseat!"

Umm... I think he heard that on tv.

- I sent Sullivan into the bathroom with Aaron to get his hands and face washed after eating donuts for breakfast. He tells Aaron, "Watch out I have my eyes in, you know my contacts, so you have to be careful so I don't lose them because they are very expensive!" (yeah nanny and pawpaw both wear contacts- go figure)


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness girl...That is TOO funny. It's amazing what they pick up, isn't it?


Steve Buser said...

Be careful what you write about Sullivan's nanny -- his papa reads this blog :0))

-- Sullivan's papa.
New Orleans Daily Photo

Neva said...

I read steve's CDPB and I am just so happy that your little girl is on the mend....prayers your way for as long as you need them.. Good luck!