Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eeeekk Pneumonia?

Well, I took Sophie for her checkup this morning- Aaron stayed home with Sullivan bc we didn't want him to get any extra germs at the office. Dr. T is concerned with how hoarse she still is and thinks she probably has something on her vocal chord or windpipe- probably like a hemangioma birth mark or something. She said it would explain how she got so sick so fast- it got irritated and grew really big. She isn't certain, but we are going to have a scope (I think they are gonna do it, we have an appointment, and she ordered it, but I am not positive) Tuesday morning at 8:15 at Texas ENT. Supposedly the doctor is the best in the area with tiny kids. So, there's that part. Then, she really didn't like how cruddy and junky her lungs sound (you can feel gunk when she breathes), so she sent us for a chest xray. Of course, the Med wouldn't do it bc we have Scott and White, so I had to bring her to Scott & White, have one done, wait for them to make copies, then go back. She has pneumonia- fairly good sized in her right lung. So, we are on heavy duty antibiotics which are apparently really hard on the tummy and should cause alot of diarrhea. She has lost a pound throughout the ordeal (from last Monday until today) and her iron is low, so she encouraged me to let her keep eating the green veggies if she will. She hasn't had alot of appetite yet, and I am sure the antibiotics aren't going to help that. Anyway, that's where we are.