Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big Boy 4

So, for a year now, we have had to refer to Sullivan as Sullivan big boy three Creasy. It makes for an interesting trip at the grocery store when you have to call out his name. Yesterday, he had his birthday party (although his birthday is a week away), and he figures that he is now four. So, he announced that he has changed his name to Big Boy 4. I guess I will have to get used to that! He had SOOOO much fun. Thank you to all of his friends that came to help him celebrate. He honestly was the happiest boy on the planet yesterday. He could not have been more excited!! Here are a few pictures to share:

This is right before the party. He was SOOOO proud of his cake!

He had a REALLY hard time blowing out the candles!!!

Sophie has now figured out how to pull out her bows, so she just found out that she pulled it out!!! Look at the hair she is getting :)

A four course meal, chips and capri sun!!!Mack truck? Are you serious? I love my birthday!!!

Aaron and I got him a huge ride on dump truck. He had NO idea. After he opened all of his presents, we told him he had one more to open. We covered his eyes and look at how excited he got!!! You couldn't capture the excitement, but he was jumping up and down, screaming!!! He drove it all the way home from the party (which was at our community pool).

He had so much fun opening all of his presents and playing when he got home that he slept until ten this morning! He got this big construction truck from a friend that he calls the "hooker truck." He drove it all around being a "hooker man" "hooking" and stuff. We were trying so hard not to laugh because he was so serious. He kept saying I need to be doing some hooking. It was so funny!


Erin said...

wow! looks like Sullivan "Big Boy 4" had a great party :) And what a cool hooker truck mom! Great present!

*Kel* said...

Cool!! Happy Birthday to Sullivan! Looks like he had a great birthday party! :-)

Julia said...

Happy Birthday to Sullivan!!! :) I'm wondering where you had the party - that place looks great!!!!

Brandy said...

He is so cute I swear! And you can really see the excitement in his face..... Ya'll did a great job surprising him!