Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Days should Not end

So, my parents have come in to be with us during Sophie's surgery tomorrow. I think I have celebrated Sullivan's birthday now to the point of not being able to celebrate any more. It has been a wonderful few weeks, but now he is officially four and loaded up on fun new toys. He says "I am close to five now huh?". I guess you can't keep him content for long. Anyway, he got to have another party last night with my parents and his Uncle Charlie. He had so much fun! Then, this morning, my parents took him to the park while Sophie was sleeping. They played monster for an hour. He was so exhausted. I chose the picture of him smiling after going down the slide after his Nanny because it really showcases how happy he is with them! And, look at PawPaw going down that slide, what kid wouldn't be happy? Speaking of happy, Sophie has some new talents to show off. She can officially spit and blow bubbles! She also wanted to show you that she has enough hair to make a small ponytail on the top of her head, and her new teeth.