Sunday, September 2, 2007

She is SOOO Big!!!

Well, Sophe (that's what we call her, its not a misprint- except when her brother refers to her as princess) is getting BIG. That's right B-I-G. Before she just outgrows infancy altogether, I thought I would share these super cool pictures Uncle Charlie took with his new fancy schmancy digital camera. This has to be a quick update because we have been at a waterpark all day, and I am tired. So, please forgive me if I break any netiquette.
Important milestones in our lives:
- Sullivan is registered for school!!! He will be starting pre-k three days a week on Wednesday. He is way TOO excited about this. Its pretty pathetic. Mommy is thinking about the days of innocence ending, he is thinking about his new friends and freedom.
- Sullivan celebrated his second bout with strep throat this weekend. Yeah, you read this right. I have the only child in the history of the civilization that ONLY gets sick on weekends, most likely Friday night of a three day holiday. Try beaking your teeth shear off at the gums on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving when no dentists are open until Monday- that isn't good enough? How about developing a severe ear infection the night before your mommy gives birth (that just so happens to be the Friday night BEFORE Christmas on Monday). That not good enough for you? Ugggh... apparently I could go on and on. I will spare you and just say that we have found a great pediatric office that sees patients EVERY day of the year!!!
-We went to Schlitterbahn in Galveston today and Sullivan rode every ride we would take him on. It was so great, he was so brave- he rode some pretty daring stuff. Not as brave as his mommy and his nanny- who braved the STRAIGHT down slide. I am not sure what we were thinking, but it was fun.
- Daddy made it through his first football game of the season. Life pretty much shuts down in our house for football season, so having one game down is monumental. And, being the genious that he is, he didn't have any major catastrophes. A side perk is that we have EXCELLENT seats to the games.
- Sophie is pulling up on anything that she can. She won't crawl all the way (she is an army girl- doing the army (or caterpillar) crawl). She will however, pull herself to standing on anything that she can.
- Sullivan has his first teeth cleaning at the dentist this week, I will have to let you know how that goes!
Anyway, I am offer to shower the kids (I am too lazy for baths tonight) and hopefully get everyone in bed as I can barely keep my eyes open.


Rebecca said...

Pulling up already? Goodness...where has the time gone?