Monday, September 17, 2007

Phone etiquette

To make my mom believe me, I decided to video Sophie while talking to her on the phone. Sophie smiles so big, like, are you talking to me?

Sullivan had his first field trip ever today. They are studying animals, so they went to Petco. 12 four year olds. As they were looking at the tank of swimming turtles, the ideotic teenage girl who works there threw in about 20 goldfish (alive). The turtles began eating them. Horrified four year olds crying knowing way too much about life than they ever wanted to were then on their hands, screaming at their store. Yeah, birds and the bees at four, or kind of!!!

And in other news, congrats to two of my best buds who are gonna be mommies again!! May will be a busy mont around here. And, I can't wait, but this week I may actually get to hold newborn twin boys. My friend made it to 38 weeks. Can you beleive that!!! Now, I get to be lucky and reap the benefits of her labor and love on tiny boys (well she doesn't make tiny babies, but newborns are all tiny even when they are ten pounds!!!). Congrats girl, I am so proud of you and I can't wait to meet the R boys :)


Therese said...

Look at that big smile! She's so precious!