Sunday, September 9, 2007


So, this is what brightens my day and reminds me that life is worth living!!! I have had a lot of time to reflect on what took place last week, and realized that I am actually just now coming out of the shock of the whole trauma. I keep remembering tad bits of things that are frieking me out. Poor Sophie, they did an xray of her, and her tummy was 4 times the normal size from all of the air she swallowed while struggling for air!!! Can you imagine how painful that was? We had to give them consent to give her the steroids every 4 hours at the beginning, bc they really thought she needed them. They said there could be some lasting effects since the actual dose (that really isn't supposed to be administered more than once) is every 12 hours. She was basically knocked out for the first 24 hours because she was so terrified everytime she woke up. But, her spunk has returned. Tonight, she is smiling, laughing and cooing. And, I might add, she is talking about her favorite person!!!


tiff said...

awwww!!! her sweet baby voice!

Brandy said...

The sweetest sound I swear!

Steve Buser said...

How much will it cost to get a video on this site with her saying "papa?"

Sophie's papa.
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