Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do not sit on her again

And another journal from the warfare of staying home with two sick kids. Here is a little of how my day looked:

I spent the good part of the morning CLOROXING the entire house. We bought four hospital grade air purifiers and have been cleaning everything there is. I have found clorox spray for fabrics, so I cleaned all of the mattresses, pillows, etc. I threw out all of our toothbrushes, and anything else that looked like it might be capable of carrying a germ. I washed all of our sheets and pillowcases and towels in bleach. All of this while wrangling Sullivan, err sorry Diego the Animal Rescuer, away from his sister. It sounded a bit like this over here:

(yelling hoarse voice) Sullivan get that net off of your sister's head
Mom, I am not Sullivan, I am Diego, and she is not my sister, she is a lion. I am rescuing her.
Well, get the net off of her head Diego and rescue her pretend.
Mom, if I rescued her for pretend, she would get eaten by a jaguar.
Ok, fine, just please keep your germs off of her and don't put a net on her head.
Ok mom, but I don't have germs- you threw away my toothbrush.
You are right Sullivan, how can I argue?

Then, I put Sophie in her exersaucer to protect her from the animal rescuer. After folding three loads of towels and all of our blankets, I look over at her and her puddle of diarrhea all over the floor (carpet of course) and think, well thank goodness I just cloroxed and cleaned. UGGGHHHH!!! After bathing her and feeding him, I decide to bring them into the computer room so that I can take a five minute break. It sounded alot like this:

Sullivan don't ride your sister!
Mom, she is a pony
No, buddy she isn't a pony, now get off.
Sullivan, your sister is not a set of train tracks, get the trains off now!
Oh alright mom.

So, after four showers (showers are meant to help the lungs) and pounding on the backs, and after MULTIPLE time outs with Sullivan, and a nice long nap by both, I am exhausted!!!
The good news is that they both seem to be feeling fine. Of course, that's almost the bad part because they have been wild and unruly stuck in the house. Sullivan is begging to go to school tomorrow, and since he isn't contagious anymore, I am DEFINITELY gonna let him.


Steve Buser said...

School sounds like a perfect place for Diego the Animal Rescuer.

Papa Buser