Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He's so BIG!

So, yesterday, in the hussle and bustle of bringing Sophie back to the doctor for a new cast, Sullivan kept telling us that his throat hurt. Now, he has only said this to us a few times, three were strep throat, one was mono. So, I was concerned, but honestly, I just kind of "mommied" him. I gave him some motrin and loved on him a bit. It seemed to work. So, we got in the car to go to the doctor, and he told me he wasn't feeling good. About two seconds later, he threw up all over. NICE! Yeah, its 102 outside, can't really clean that up later. So, we pulled into Aaron's parking lot and made him jump in the car so he could clean it up while I took Sophie to the doctor.

She got a new pink cast that will hopefully come off now on September 3rd. When we got home, Sullivan looked sick. He just looked pitiful, laying on the couch, not wanting to do anything. I asked him to help me make cookies, and he perked up a bit. But, I knew he was sick when he didn't want to eat any of them, but just wanted to lay down for a bit. He took a nap for a few hours (at like 5 o'clock), and woke up when Aaron got home. He burned up all night, cried about his throat hurting and needing to throw up. Classic signs of strep throat. So, I took him to see our trusted doctor.

Everytime I see her, I love her more. This morning, after Sullivan got weighed and all of his stats taken, we waited. Now, we are not strangers to the office, so Sophie had fun showing her cast off to all of the receptionists and nurses (who apparently all know her name WOW- guess who's paying their salaries?). So, Dr T walks in the room, asks Sullivan how he is feeling. He says (for real, I couldn't make this stuff up),
" Well, if you want me to be honest, I feel awful."

She asked him about his ailments, he LOVED that she was treating HIM, and ignoring me. Anyway, one swab and a rapid strep test later, we left with some prescriptions in hand (gone are the days where you have to deal with nausea while healing, there's a pill for that now!).

During this whole ordeal though, I realized just how big Sullivan really is. I mean, honestly, all he really needed me for was to drive him there and pay. He dealt with the doctor and nurses. Who is this kid? Was this really my baby a few short years ago? Is this the infant that couldn't survive without me feeding him? Is this the toddler who needed his mommy to rock him to sleep every night? I know it is, but man, he is getting SOOOOO big. While I miss the days when I felt like his tiny head had been molded to fit perfectly in the crook of my elbow, I love watching him grow. It amazes me how great he is with words, how mature he can act when talking to other adults, and how proud he makes me.

Just as I think he is so big, I realize he is not so much. Last night, we were playing "Monkey in the middle" in the backyard with him (motrin works wonders). He hurt his wrist. He started fussing about how his ankle hurt. I told him that his ankle was on his foot not his hand. He says "Maybe that's where your ankle is, but mine hurts, and its right here!" (pointing to his wrist)


linda said...

Enjoy every minute of every day because it amazes me how big my little Sullivan is getting. Tell him and Sophie paw paw and nanny love them very much and that we can not wait to see them in a couple weeks.
Nanny Buser