Friday, August 8, 2008

An Update

We went to the orthopaedic doctor this afternoon. He said we made an excellent decision to take the cast off (while he was not encouraging taking off casts at home). With a few more hours in the wet cast, she probably would have lost her little toe. She does now have a skin infection, which we are treating with antibiotics. She crawled for the majority of the day, but after we left, we got a pair of stiff soled stride rite tennis shoes, and she has been all of the place. She can't be recasted while the infection is present. So, we were told to get the shoes, keep her in them any time she isn't sleeping, and to keep her off of her foot. He said (after taking an xray), that she was on the road to healing, but that the bone is definitely a few weeks away from healing. Ideally he could have casted her today. But.... my kids don't live in an ideal world. He did say that if she would not walk on it for three days, he felt her bone would heal well enough not to need a cast. I thought it might be a possibilty when she was crawling, but not now.

So, we return Monday (or sooner if she is in too much pain over the weekend). I feel much better having had him tell me that we made a good decision. I honestly thought CPS was gonna be there waiting to take me away. For some reason, all I could think was that I was told not to take it off at home, and we did. He said moms are given instinct for a reason. HOORAY!

On a side note, while we were there, Sullivan fell pretty hard and bonked his head on the hard floor. Honestly, it was a hard hit, and I am sure that it really hurt. But, I have been given Drama King of the century, so it was turned into an all out ordeal. He cried, and went nuts. In his words, "My head will never be the same, I need to see a bone doctor, my bone hurts so bad that I just don't think I can go on, I need a Lightning McQueen Ice pack, or I will never heal." Oh Lord, seriously, how's the show from up there? I know you use my life as your entertainment on a lot of occasions!!!! So, after much love from the nurses, and quite a few kisses from his very concerned sister, he thought he would be ok. One of the nurses (who over heard him in the hall professing his need for a bone doctor), came in telling him that he was at a bone doctor's office, and it was lucky for him. He thought about that really hard (after seeing Sophie in a cast for so long, and all the trauma she was in), and instantly was better. It was pretty much a miraculous healing. Perhaps the saw that he watched cut off her last cut, or the shots that he thinks come with bad experiences (can you say too many trips to the ER?), I am not sure, but I do know it was a healing of cosmic proportions!!!

I'll keep you updated as to the drama queen (and king) progresses with the foot.