Tuesday, August 5, 2008


There is no possible title that I could put on our lives right now. Seriously, this last month has been rather insane!

My kids have enjoyed the water and the summer. Their favorite thing to do is go to the splashpad, although now Sullivan wants to live at our neighborhood pool. He is tall enough to finally reach, and brave enough to run and jump in. Last week, we went to the circus in Houston. The kids had such a good time. Sophie roared and said "wow" for about two hours straight. Sullivan pointed out everything that was unsafe. By the way, riding on an elephant, running in a ring with tigers, and getting thrown across the room in a cannon are all very unsafe things. He likes to point out when I do something safely, and driving the other day, he yells out: "Mom,. way to go, looking both ways before pulling out into traffic is definitely safe! " Wow!
My best friend Tiffini officially closed on there house here and a new one in Beaumont. Sullivan and Thomas have been best friends for forever, and this is so hard!!! I know you are supposed to be happy for someone, but honestly!!! Sophie is enamored with Tiff's 8 year old daughter Lauren. I wish I had a video camera rolling the other day when they were playing babies together. They were pushing them all around the house and taking care of them. It was so precious. Sullivan has begun being rather mischievious. He loves bathing things in the sink, giving them a thorough cleaning, and testing my cleaning skills in the process. He makes a huge mess, but his cars all sparkle.

In other news, we have taken our house off of the market. It sold this past weekend, and we had to look at other houses to buy. We eventually decided we liked ours more than anything else we saw. So, we have a few kitchen and bathroom renovations to do, but we are staying! That's about it for us right now :)


linda said...

OK these are the cutest kids ever. We can not wait to see you all over Labor Day weekend