Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Words

Sophie is growing by leaps and bounds. As much as I want to believe that she is still small, every day she does new things to show me how big she really is. She has a few new words that she says over and over lately, I thought I'd share.

"Ouch"- she LOVES this word. She loves to say it as she hits you.

"Hurts"- she learned this one because of this throat virus. Its really pathetic, she'll swallow, then look up at you with sad puppy dog eyes and say "hurts".

"Yuck"- I didn't really know she knew this one until yesterday. I was letting the kids get some sunshine in the backyard, they've really been too sick to leave the house this week except for the doctor. So, they were enjoying playing in the backyard. I heard Sophie keep saying "yuck, yuck, yuck". I had no idea that she knew what it meant, so I thought she was just exploring with her vocabulary. Until..... I saw her holding up her cast saying "yuck, yuck yuck." She experienced Sampson being back in full force as she had stepped in a pile of his poop getting it all in her cast. Nice right? Try having to clean it!!!! Yuck was very appropriate!