Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sick Days

Wow! We just can't catch a break over here. The kids have some virus that causes ulcers all over their mouths, fevers upwards of 103 and lots of trips to the doctor with $25 copays each time. So, we have been finding things to do. Sophie is usually found playing mommy in her room if you don't know where she is. Unfortunately, she is at the break off age of still being a baby herself, and sometimes is found IN the baby bed, trying to get into the baby strollers, or into the baby doll swing.

We have also been reorganizing the playroom and going through all of the kids' toys. We bought all of these crates to organize the toys into. Can you see anything extra in the "trains" bucket? Hint, she is about 32 inches tall and about 23 pounds.

And finally, Sampson came home last night. You might remember a few months back that we found homes for our animals due to the kids being sick. Well, we kept one dog, Delilah, and Aaron and the kids have done great. We really feel it was the cats making them sick. I have been missing Sampson alot lately, and Delilah has had alot of withdrawal symptoms. So, when the family who adopted him called to say that he wasn't adjusting well, we jumped on the opportunity to get him back. Little did we know that Sophie would be the happiest of all of us. She won't leave him alone, and I have honestly NEVER seen her this happy! Its the cutest thing (for us anyway). Sullivan was so excited to have him back to sleep with him last night.

On a side note, at the doctor's office, our doctor was checking out the kids when Sophie started to ask for "coke" (which is honestly what she calls all drinks, I swear!). So, the doctor says, "Sophie, you don't like coke, you like to eat and drink things that are healthy for you. What do you like to eat?" To which my healthy, all organic kid l;) says very matter of factly, "Chips."



Turkish Prawn said...

I just stumbled across your blog by accident and the header photo get me right away. I have a two and a half year old and four month old. Leaving then to go to work this morning was awful.

Like I said, I'm new here but just read this post, which made me laugh out loud! "Chips!" Of course! What else would a kid say? Tofu? Not a chance!

My son would be right there asking for the soda and chips too, even though that's never on the menu at home. How do they know? I'm betting it has something to do with the time I caught Grandpa feeding him a brownie before lunch. Hmmm.

I'll be back to do some more reading!

-Turkish Prawn

Steve Buser said...

This is the way the ladies ride, the ladies ride....

linda said...

I am so glad to have Sampson back. I know that Sullivan must be so glad to have his sleeping partner back, or it looks like Sampson has a new sleeping partner. I can't wait to see everybody, including you Sampson!