Friday, August 8, 2008

The Foot Saga

So, last night around 10:15, Sophie woke up screaming. It was a bad scream. The kind you do not want to hear coming out of your kid, ever. She screams alot, most of the time, its in anger, or its letting us know that she can't stand her brother, or strawberries, or sitting in a confined seat, or wearing a seatbelt, etc. But, this was the kind of scream that said, "you better find what hurts me fast, or I am gonna make you pay." She randomly would say "shoe ouch, ouch shoe". Her cast was still sopping wet from her 3 o'clock shower. It hasn't been drying recently, so we had decided to stop bathing it, and tried to avoid water. But, you forgot who my daughter is. She is the girl that hears you say you won't bathe her, and then pulls off her diaper and pees in her cast. Yeah, you read that right, bath could NOT be avoided.

Back to the story. After almost three hours of insanity, us trying to blow dry, get the air compressor to blow air in there ) did I mention that I was waiting for the swat to show up on our door step after hearing our kid scream bloody murder and then hearing the loudest air compressor you have ever heard at midnight? They never showed, and I am not sure I am not thankful. Anything would have been a relief from hearing her cry. So, we finally debated taking her to the ER to have the thing cutoff. We knew something was wrong in there, just not what. We had heard horror stories of rocks and such getting trapped in there, then causing a nasty infection.

So, in our genius, its 2 am, my kid's been screaming in pain for 3 hours, I am delirius, minds, we decided to cut the thing off. Or, to try. Sullivan was sleeping, and we weren't sure the ER wouldn't laugh at us. Thinking back, it probably was the wiser move to make. Aaron gets an array of pliers from his tool box and proceeds. After about ten minutes, the cast comes off looking like this:

But, Sophie's foot looks like this:

I swear, I think her little toe was really close to falling off. Her foot looked horrendous. The pictures don't do it justice. Apparently it was way too wet in there, and her skin was rotting. I wish you could have smelled it, wait a minute, no I don't. Its one of those things you just want to take my word on, TRUST ME. So, I got up the nerve to call her doctor's office this morning and am waiting to hear what they want me to do.