Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vicky Creasy, Singer Songwriter, Lyricist for Hire

That's right folks, I think I could write one heck of an album for you if you needed it, and apparently, I sing a mena ABC's (according to Sophie). Anyway, here are a few songs I am currently working on (they say all good ideas have to start with reality, and there is PLENTY of reality over here).

Song #1:
No Ma'am Sophie

Song # 2:
We don't eat dogfood

Song #3:
Will you wipe my heiney please?

Song #4:
Oh I've been cleaning all day long, and to no avail

Song #5:
Whining, Whining, Everywhere

Song #6:
She's Just a Baby!

Song #7:
We don't eat dogfood (a mix of the earlier rendition)

Song #8:
No, those shoes don't really make you fly

Song #9:
I love Sullivan, I love Sophie Lynn

Song # 10:
Rescue Me, Someone Rescue Me

Song #11:
We DO NOT EAT DOG FOOD (an upbeat rendition)

Song #12:
For real, dog food is not a food group

Song #13:
Ok, this is the last time, NO DOG FOOD IN THE MOUTH!

Don't you think it sounds like a wonderful album? Anyone want to hire me?
We have kind of been MIA lately- Aaron is sick AGAIN, Sophie has been snotty for three years, and Sullivan is not napping, but going to bed early. It's nice to have my evenings back. For the past few nights, both children were asleep by 7:15 HALLELUJAH!!!!!

One quick funny story:
Sullivan has now begun eating what the family eats for dinner. He doesn't always like it, but he always tries it. It took a little encouragaing to get him to try broccoli. So, I fibbed a bit (in the interest of his general well being) and told him that eating broccoli promotes good eyesight, and that if you eat enough, you can see in the dark. "You mean you will have flashlights in your eyes and not be scared of the dark?" "Kind of!" Oh man, he was excited by this prospect! He took a few bites, enough to hopefully work, but alas, it did not. So, at the basketball game on Saturday, they were doing the pregame show, which includes graphics of the players. One of the players has fire in his eyes. "YOU WERE SERIOUS?!!!!! You really DO GET FLASHLIGHT eyes? Mom! We have to go get some broccoli!!!!!!!"

Ahhhhhh..... if only more of my fibs had proof ;)


Therese said...

Your song collection sounds like it would make a fine country music album. ;)

Brandy said...

Dog food was a big problem (er...I mean, snack) at our house too when Brooke was around Sophie's age. Ugh....it must be tasty?

Snyder Central said...

So Mikayla has been eating broccoli lately as well thanks to your fib about broccoli making you able to see in the dark! She even ordered it on her own at the restaurant the other day!