Monday, February 25, 2008

Just call me Mario....

That's Sullivan's latest saying. He insists on being Mario. He collects "grand stars" wherever he goes, and tries not to fall in the lava. He turns into "bee" mario or "flying" mario. Apparently I have played too much Super Mario Galaxy with him on the wii. But hey, we were spending quality time together. He just told me that "last night I had a HORRIBLE dream about Bowser trying to attack us with flying ships." Ok, I thought, that's it, honestly, I can't let him play anymore! Then, he asked me if I could go to Toys r us and get him a new dump truck. He isn't talking about the dump trucks normal 4 year old boys are asking for, he is asking for a new nunchuck for the wii because we played ours too much and broke it!!!

In other news, everyone is well. THANK GOD!!!! That was a horrible week. I honestly didn't think my body could handle smelling, touching, or looking at anymore throwup or diarrhea. AHHHH. Things I learned:

1) I really hate disposable diapers. Sophie has only been in them for three days, and I hate them. Ihate the beads she has all over her, I hate how they smell, and I really hate how uncute they are. But, Aaron found my stash (since all of my diapers are now clean because no one is wearing them), and I am not sure how long I will be allowed to have this obsession.

2) I really hate throw up. I hate how it sounds, looks and smells. I am glad I was not called to be a nurse.

3) I really hate diarrhea. I am not sure this isn't true of the entire world (well humans anyway, my canines seem to be quite fond of it, and throwup).

4) I really hate not being able to help my children. UGGGHHH Its horrible to have them miserable and not be able to fix them.

5) My children, without any control from me, will be totally and utterly spoiled by my parents. They will get gifts upon first seeing them, they will be brought to stores and have every whim and desire met, and they will be allowed to play whatever they want all hours of the night. Sullivan had 50 easter egg hunts, three bear hunts, an ice cream sundae, got to sleep in the middle (because that's his favorite spot), got more toys than he can bring in the house in four loads, and is crying because he didn't get enough time with them. Are you kidding? Any more time with them, and you would be too bored when playing wii!

6) I am ready to have a camera again! I miss having pictures of my quickly growing children!


Therese said...

I noticed the word 'obsession' in your blog...something to do with cloth diapering? Ha! I caught you! You can no longer deny it! :)

Hope those kiddos feel better soon!