Sunday, February 17, 2008


Sullivan and I were just having a pretty serious talk. I was explaining to him that when he lived in my tummy, he had a cord that went to his belly button to give him his food. He was saying how neat that was and thanking me for eating lots of cheeseburgers while he was in there because "even as a baby I loved DOUBLE cheeseburgers." Then I asked if he believed he was ever small enough to live inside of me, he responded that he can probably still fit (yes I know I have some extra baggage, but come on.....). Then we started talking about marriage (I don't know why he always brings this up). He told me he was gonna marry his daddy. Not wanting to get into philosophy, I told him that boys marry girls. He asked me to "take him to the marry place then so we can get married, and don't forget to bring flowers." I told him that I am already married to daddy. "Fine then, I will marry nanny." "She is already married to PawPaw." "Dadgummit, everyone is already married, all the good girls anyway." True, I guess! So, I reminded him about his plan to marry his best friend's big sister Lauren to which he replies,
"She didn't like the watch I tried to give her and doesn't want to marry me now."

Man! So, then he thinks, and with urgency asks-
"Can you please just take me and Sophie to the marrying place please? I guess I will have to marry her, but I really didn't want to marry someone in diapers. Oh yeah, and don't forget to bring the flowers."

I never have really wanted to marry someone in diapers either!